Looks like Spring. The daffodils are out in force, blue sky and the sun is beating down on the Yorkshire soil. A frozen Yorkshire soil. One problem with this Spring. It’s absolutely freezing and apparently it’s going to get colder. I will hold off getting my shorts out for another week or so.

Yes some things are best left for a week or so.

School is most vexing. Increasing signs that schools version of homeschooling is in fact just the same old, same old. Rebranded but essentially the same teaching approach. It might work for some kids but it’s not working for our son. Yes a couple of subjects have tried to think out of the box, change things up. But the majority have not. It’s such a wasted opportunity.

Most kids are working remotely with no physical contact with their friends. So why not let them use the schools online system for to exchange messages during the homeschool day. No no no. All chats are monitored to ensure they are restricted to school work. Woe betied any kid who is even a minute late to log onto the system at the start of a lesson. Stick to the required task and don’t deviate…..

But let’s give school a week or so to see if the remote teaching programme evolves.

It’s been interesting to notice how much of the online teaching so far has been based on just reading a piece of text then answering questions. No modification for those kids who struggle to read. No additional help for those with dyslexia. Nowt new there then. I asked school for the reading and writing progress he has made over the last 20 months. All school will say on his writing was that no issues had been raised by teachers but they will look at using a computer for his main exams. Will that come with keyboard skills therapy work to help with the problems he has with typing…. apparently not.

On reading they have done some testing. According to the results he is still well behind the expected reading age. Apparently his reading age has improved only marginally in those 20 months. As a result school consider he’s best placed in the bottom set. No one on one help will be provided, if he needs help with reading then he needs to put his hand up and ask the teacher. He just needs to accept that his reading is poor and additional work on improving it is a bit of a waste of time. That’s interesting as over the last six months his reading has drastically improved (no thanks to school). What could be achieved if school did make an effort.

Well let’s give it a week or so. We need to think about the road going forward. What’s the best for our son. Is it schools version of homeschooling (school gates are likely to be shut for months) or will it be our home version. The following weeks will tell us.

56 thoughts on “Hold off for a week

  1. We are doing homeschooling over here as well. Monday a.m. I woke to an email sent out by the Principal telling us not to stress. That if the kids could not finish work in same day not to worry. We were to go along with what could be done. Well Tember got all of today’s work done in 4 hours. I told him he could take a break and did not require it all done in one shot. The teacher is emailing a lesson plan every morning. Everyone here is working towards making the rest of the year good for the kids. In this time it boggles the mind that your schools are trying to act as though it is business as usual. I wish so bad that your son could have schools like our to go to. Where students and their parents are heard and assistance is available. Hugs. 🙂

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    1. Here a couple of the teachers are saying that. The rest are cracking the whip. At the end of every lesson. The kids have to submit evidence. If they can’t prove that enough work of sufficient quality has been completed then they will take action.


  2. I like the tiny little purple flower hiding in the daffo-down-dillies😁 It’s been coldish here too. I have to add the ‘ish’ because I do realize that 40s & 50s F (4-10C) isn’t THAT cold.
    I wonder if all the schools in England suck or just your area… all I can do is roll my eyes at short-sighted idiocy of their ‘teaching’ plans. Son would do better completely on his own🙄
    US schools aren’t a lot better, teaching kids how to take tests basically. I haven’t heard of any changes to the April 6th return, so I’m hoping🤞💌


  3. Most head teacher and professionals are saying that schools should not be expecting pupils to stick to set learning or do work at all. That this a traumatic time for children too and parents much prioritise their mental health and set work is only for those who find comfort in routine. What I am saying is you could infact use this as an opportunity to see how you do coming up with your own teaching methods and things to do without fear of redress if he still decodes to go back when school is open again. Bare in mind at the moment this is not how home ed usually is. Home ed tends to be much more community and activity based than ‘normal’ schooling and even for my home ed socially awkward son who doesn’t like crowded spaces things are slightly different right now. But these few months you could really see if a different approach improves things for your sons basic reading and spelling if he can cope with learning right now and is not too anxious about what’s going on in the world.

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    1. Everything school has communicated is about keeping the school ethos going. So that the kids seamlessly go back into school when they return. I just think this ignores the stress kids are under with the virus. Let them be kids first and let them learn through being creative. x

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  4. There will be a big learning process coming up for school too regarding online schooling and giving specific support. They had not much time to prepare and I guess what they are doing now is just “something” that anything is done. But the actual program might only be developed.
    Such beautiful weather and soooooooo freezing cold outside over here too. About 20 degrees difference to last week.

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  5. What a picture to lift the spirits Gary! Spring is indeed well on the way.
    Glad your holding off on the shorts though, got to watch my blood pressure you know!!!
    As for the homeschooling, do what you think is best for your son. Your own efforts have shown improvements yes? Keep well.

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  6. Stressed people cannot learn. It’s that simple. And I remember your son has medical/death based anxiety, for obvious reasons. So the fact that he’s doing anything at all for the school is testimony to how much of an effort he is making.
    If you do go down the real homeschooling route, don’t rush into “teaching”. The poor boy needs a break. Just keep doing the fun stuff.

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  7. I can’t imagine the school system in Canada being so uninterested in taking time with those who need it. It doesn’t make sense. The job is to teach. It’s sad. Any teacher who gives up is not a teacher in my opinion. I would give them the fail. I seriously hate to see anyone not receiving the help they deserve, so I’m sorry that the school system in England only seems to cater to kids who don’t need a teacher??? I’m with you. If effort were applied so much could be achieved. Your son has a sharp mind, he just needs someone to understand what his difficulties are and find some creative solutions. But you know all this, so I’m just venting. I seriously hate to see anyone not receiving help.

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      1. Sadly you can never really depend on government for much help. Andrew and I definitely learned this with our health problems. We went through so many hoops and still couldn’t get any help. Don’t get me started about their websites… but anyways… I have let my mind stray from lovely thoughts. Our help comes from God. He never fails.

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  8. Now I’m wondering if I’ve had the wool pulled over my eyes. I haven’t even looked at the boy’s tasks online. I haven’t had time! They assure me they have been doing what’s expected and their dad says it’s all under control. I’m scared to have a look and check now in case they’ve been expelled from ‘homeschool’ (can that happen?). Bad mum moment!! 🙈

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  9. I wonder if anyone has thought of interactive teaching on the Internet? Your story about your son’s reading reminds me of this one about mine: When he was in first grade,we got a report that his reading skills were deficient (he couldn’t read). It surprised me because he was reading fine at home. I told the teacher about a rather advanced book (for a 6-year-old) that he could read. She suggested I send it in with him. I don’t know if he was scamming or not. By third grade, he was testing at a 10th grade reading level. (Not as impressive as it sounds, given the standards of US schools.) After that, I never believed anything the schools said about his academic abilities (Thank goodness – at one point they called to say he had the trademarks of becoming a terrorist). There are some excellent teachers, but the systems stink. Go with your own gut feeling.

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