It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly virtual trip to beautiful Switzerland. Yesterday I was thinking about window views. The sort of view you would happily sit by your bedroom window, gaze out at the beauty and just smile. Sometimes the real window view is that good. The above photo is from the hotel room we stayed at on our last visit.

Well for this weeks virtual holiday let’s play fantasy window view. I’m going to pick a different dream window view for each day.

Sunday. Let’s start the week off with a view across beautiful Lake Thun.

Monday. Let’s have a window filled with an alpine meadow.

Tuesday. Let’s have the sound of water filling the room as well. A window filled with an alpine river.

Wednesday. Let’s enjoy one of the worlds greatest mountains. The Eiger

Thursday. Let’s have a window looking across a beautiful Swiss valley.

Friday. Let’s move the window to beautiful Lake Riffelsee and it’s always present reflection of The Matterhorn.

Saturday. Let’s finish the week with a view of a stunning waterfall.

See you next week my friends. Stay safe.

86 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I swear, every time you post the gorgeous pictures of Switzerland, I see the picture and take a deep breath.😁 I guess my brain wants my body to have some of that fresh alpine air.

    Thank you for Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night! My poor frazzled brain needed this. I look forward to Swiss Sunday, an oasis of peace.💌💌

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  2. I really really needed Swiss Sunday today my friend. I am 100% going back there one day. I want to see it all for real again. In the meantime I will check out the view from my ‘window’ on a daily basis. Lovely post x

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      1. Very restless sleep and I woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a bus! I did drag myself into work and actually the day was really productive and I feel brighter! How are you?

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      2. 110 right (with a major wobble in the middle), 38 left
        It’s a little bit mindful … I feel I’m doing very basic yoga. Hexing never tried yoga that’s a wild guess!

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      3. We’ll ignore it just this once. Tell me what it was though? Worse than 4?
        90 is fab. I’m up for the challenge. I even started writing my scores down … now what does that say about me?

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  3. Gosh, this is sooo beautiful. You make want to get up and take a trip to one of those places or other beautiful places in the further neighborhood. As soon as the we are allowed to I will do that again. Thanks for the inspiration, Gary!

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      1. I stole your idea and posted photos of Newfoundland….I do post photos from time to time so it wasn’t a total steal LOL

        It’s always a pleasure to look at your beautiful collection of photos.

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      2. Thanks for checking out my photos. There is a national park on the Northern Peninsula of the island that is absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately I don’t have any pics. However, I may collect some from friends for my next “virtual tour”.

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      3. No? But that’s usually the way, isn’t it? It’s fairly rural with only a few real towns or cities. Lots of wild spaces still. I miss walking the trails and the beaches there. I will share more, maybe next Sunday and we can take turns looking at one another’s photos.

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