It was good to see the swan observing social distancing at the local lake today. If only some of the humans could get their head round the concept. Our village thankfully has. Apart from the postman, the occasional food delivery driver and a handful of dog walkers – that’s it. All the cars are parked up and are not being used. Virtually no through traffic. We don’t have a shop, cafe or pub. The village hall and church are temporarily closed. Basically it’s like a ghost town. It seems to oscillate between beautifully peaceful and slightly unnerving.

It’s the new normal.

Work is definitely shutdown until at least mid June now. No sign of schools reopening anytime before September. The countrywide lockdown isn’t being relaxed any time soon. No long runs. Apart from the very occasional trip to a shop for essentials, that’s it for physical social interaction. Maybe for months. It’s not happened yet but I can see this ramping up a grief attack soon. Especially as my partners birthday is looming. But it is what it is. Another thing for my constantly racing two cell brain to deal with.

We were watching Toy Story 2 last night when a thought popped into my head. Apart from the obvious one – oh man I look increasingly like Mr Potato Head. Wouldn’t it be great if toys did come alive. How much fun would that be. Suddenly a whole new self contained social circle. And yes we have a Buzz Lightyear so maybe he could teach us to fly.

I feel bad now Dad. Not played with a number of my toys in years. They have been shelved. Woody was mortified when he was shelved. Maybe we should dedicate the online Drama lesson to playing with old toys.”

He’s been so turned off from the subject that playing with old toys would certainly have more learning value.

Dad Ive been thinking about Toy Stories meaning. Basically it’s that you need to keep old toys come what may. Yes always play with them, even when your old. But never, ever give them away – even to a needy cause. It’s a bit of a grim message really.”

And with that he was off to find his old In The Night Garden Toys. But unusually for him, he did not fully think this through. His Dad fell in love with that old BBC kids show. His Dad can still answer any question thrown at him about Igglegpigle, Makka Pakka and the gang. And rather than looking for the shelved toys in the old toy baskets he just needs to look at his Dads bedroom table. No shelved toy sadness here. The In The Night Garden gang are very happy each night. Much loved by someone who really should know better.

Photo from the BBC.

61 thoughts on “Swan

  1. So far we aren’t on total lock down here, but the other side of the country has been limited to essential services only. Here they removed all the logs from the beaches and put up signs because the young folks thought this was time to enjoy spending time together at the beach. Our Prime Minister wasn’t too happy and was quoted as saying, “Enough is enough! Go home and stay home.” I don’t know if they’ve started fineing anyone, yet, but they were talking about taking measures.

    Don’t tell your son I gave away all my toys. 😐 The night garden looks like a cute show.

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  2. When Declan watched Toy Story I saw him look at his toys in a whole new respect. NO ONE wants me to ever move their old toys on – even to a new home or daycare. But I do, spreading their play time on to others! Shhh…..

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      1. Get up day today! (Not my favorite) But here you go!
        Specific Warm-up:
        1 bodyweight get-up L/R
        ** No get-up.. hands and knees. 5 opp arm, opp leg.. then downward dog, walk hands back, stand up.**
        Hollow Holds x 30 seconds or Rockers
        1 get-up L/R with light weight**see above alternate
        15 pullaparts or Shoulder Dislocates
        Get-up Progression: Roll to elbow x 1L/R
        10 squats
        Tall sit x 1 L/R
        10 Deadlifts or Swings or snatches
        ½ Kneel x 1 L/R
        10 Squats
        Full get-up

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  3. Good old iggle piggle and those tombliboos. I used to call my second son ‘ickle pickle’ when he was born .. and we’d never seen ‘in the night garden’ at that point. I’m sorry to hear that a time of grief is approaching. So many memorable dates to get through each year. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be. X

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