Some people like to build walls. Some people have walls thrust upon them. Some walls are known by millions. This is the world famous Hadrians Wall dating back to Roman times.

It was the creative spark for the Wall in Game of Thrones. Other walls are much less famous. Sometimes the walls are virtual. This is our wall.

Ok it’s more of a fence but it does have a few stone sections. It’s not famous. Actually only son and I think of it as a wall. But to us its an important one. It’s very like Hadrians Wall and the one in Game of Thrones. To us it marks the boundary between our world and the dangers that lay beyond.

We would frequently come this way on dog walks and then stop here. That was far enough for our son. The only exception would be if it snowed. The field beyond then became our very own snow slope. A rare excursion through the Wall. But this was the boundary wall. He felt safe this side. This side of the gate was his world. The other side lay the unpredictable, noisy and scary outside world. His Wall

Now 2020 has brought its very own version of the barbarian hordes. We have been instructed to self distance and stay at home. One daily walk is permitted so the dog is brought to this gate. But no further. To go any further just seems wrong to me. To do so seems like it’s flouting the regulations. Entering into a strange, alien world with an unseen threat. My Wall.

So for very different reasons, yes this is our WALL.

48 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Thank you for educating us all about what it’s like to live with autism and to care for those with autism. Even though I have two nephews on the spectrum there is a lot that I don’t see or know. Every child is so different, too. Keep speaking up, my friend. You word things so well and make the picture much clearer. My heart goes out to you both, now and always. And my prayers go up. ❤

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  2. Such a strange time. The kids haven’t even been in a car in forever. We just walk in circles. I guess the edge of our neighborhood is our wall – not as clear cut as yours though.

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  3. Our wall is a fence that Ben keeps trying to bust down, and a cinderblock wall he has taken a good chunk out of the top of.

    It’s funny that Son want’s to stay inside his area and Ben wants to run blindly…anywhere… autism definitely manifests differently in each person.

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  4. It interests me so much that Saturn (planet of boundaries and walls) met with Mars (planet of action and movement) yesterday.. I am feeling a similar reticence to go beyond the prescribed.. part of me rebels the other part respects the necessity and just complies…

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  5. Derrick reminded me i need to get out more and break a wall or ten to browse the blogosphere. We’re lucky to have a decent garden to wall out the hordes but there are still dog and shopping and caring needs to be accomplished. Hope your wall stands proud for the duration.

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