It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly virtual visit to beautiful Switzerland. This week it’s a bit different. I’ve asked son for his favourite Swiss spots. So let’s see where our virtual trip takes us.

First stood on top of the Niesen.

Second is stood on top of the First mountain.

Just sitting on the really cool Swiss trains.

Getting next to the big mountains.

Being the highest he’s been at 10,285ft on top of the Gornergrat.

The best playground ever.

Going to the brilliant zoos.

Playing golf. Switzerland has the best courses.

Looking at the yachts parked up in front of the hotel we stayed at.

Sat on the edge of the wooden walkway outside the hotel looking at the Niesen and waiting for the swan to arrive so we can feed it.

The old branch which is always there on our walk to the playground. One day he wants to be brave enough to walk on it.

A trip on one of the old Swiss lake boats, especially the big steamer.

Any finally with his favourite knight from castle in Spiez.

90 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. YAY!! Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night. I realized something yesterday, connected to Swiss Sunday. I realized that I’ve been looking for the post on most nights, because it feels like a Saturday to me.

    With Ben home all day & knowing he’s going to be home tomorrow, my brain says “must be Saturday”. Any other day he would’ve been at school, or be going to school… I’m stuck in Saturday mode.😂😂😂

    Thank you as always! At least I’ll know for sure one night a week what the actual day is.🙄😂🤦‍♀️💌💌

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  2. I decided I’m going to look at beautiful photos of places I’ve visited. Great idea.
    We are on total lockdown here in NJ USA. Very depressing.
    Lived in Germany for many years-have been looking at some photos.

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      1. How pathetic that I recognized it from the ride at Disneyland! Back when I was young, they’d have “mountaineers” climb it twice a day. Then, on summer nights, Tinkerbell (sometimes performed by one of my neighbors) “flew” from the peak to somewhere else in the park to start the fireworks show. Alas, those are the only memories I’ll have of the Matterhorn.
        I envy you seeing the real one!

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  3. You really experienced a lot on your trip/s. How can one country be so beautiful I wonder. It really is just lovely 😊 as are the photos of your son … super cute there. Makes me wish I had that time travelling house .. to see my boys at the same age again ☺️
    Honestly, I look forward to Swiss Sunday so thank you x

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      1. I really really want to answer yes. I’m trying to smile. I just woke up feeling really unwell today. Reading Scripture helped to inspire me a lot, but I keep getting melancholy. Then I watched a video that made me cry. (In a good way) but I don’t want to cry! This will pass. It’s just one of those days. I’m looking forward… and thinking forward. And now I am rambling about it. 🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣 Okay, those hatching chick’s made me smile. Your photos made me smile too, but that was last night. ☺ Okay, I’m smiling more. Apparently talking about it helped. ☺ Thanks for letting me ramble on your blog!

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      2. Thank youuuuuuuu. I AM being me! That’s what I’m afraid of…that being me means I ramble. I can’t find a blushing smiley. *sends a hug back* You look after yourself too. 🐣🐤🐥 <—Yep, those work everytime. ☺

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  4. i hadn’t realized your son was so young..remembering some of the “spelling” words now i am shocked. My own grandsons and children were never taught those words at such a young!!

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  5. Oh brilliant! And yes Swiss trains are the best! Best train journey I ever did was from Milan to St. Moritz. You change trains on Italian side at the border and then go over the alps in a “panoramic” carriage that has a glass roof. There was a snowstorm on way over but clear skies on way back. One of the stops is highest station in Europe. I’ll never forget it. We went skiing but stayed with my cousin who was in “hotel school” the next town over from St. Moritz so we stayed in student dorms. Also there was an amazing toboggan ride down a whole valley. Plus we watched horse racing ON A FROZEN LAKE!
    Good memories. Thanks for sparking them.

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