The daily feeding frenzy. Only after the smaller (angrier) birds leave. These guys look aggressive but they don’t mess with the small birds. Looks can be deceiving.

Do you ever play this game. Trying to work out which famous person someone looks like. It was my sanity tool when I attended really boring meetings or those meetings where you suddenly got the urge to through your mug of coffee over that annoying colleague who just won’t shut up. It saved my career on many occasions. I remember one particularly gruesome meeting with an official from the government. One of those characters who is in the front of the queue to take praise for the teams efforts but then is first to point the finger when something goes wrong. During one of his me,me,me speeches I suddenly had this insane urge to impale his hand with my sharpened pencil. I quickly played the lookalike game. Unbelievably he was the spitting image of Gargamel from the Smurfs. My urge to inflict physical harm was suddenly replaced with fits of hysterics. Gargamel was not best pleased with me.

I still do it today. Our regular postman looks like one of the TV survival experts. One of the village dog walkers looks like Elvis (could it really be). Another dog walker looks so like the new Captain Marvel. The neighbours car mechanic is Ned Flanders from the Simpsons. And the assistant in the local shop is clearly one of the Osmonds.

Apparently I did look like Harry Potters Dad or was it the Troll – I can’t remember. When I was at Uni one girl said I looked like William Shatner. I never did find out if that was the early Captain Kirk version (cool) or the later slightly rounded version (not so cool). Worryingly I suspect it was probably not Kirk. Before I became a parent I would go on golf trips with work. On the trips everyone was given cool playing names. Names like Wing Commander, Squadron Leader, Wamm Bamm and The Terminator. My not so cool name was T J Hooker….

For our son it is so much better. He looks so like his mum. He’s got my eyelashes and that’s it – the lucky sod.


I’m so pleased so many of you enjoyed yesterday’s post from Katie and Evee. You can find their wonderful site here, plus you can find my guest piece there as well.

Take care and remember to look out for lookalikes.

73 thoughts on “Who do you look like.

  1. lol … I do that with people too … one of the girls at my school looks like Melissa Joan Hart …

    Who would I look like hmm 🤔 … when I was really little I looked alot like Melissa Gilbert when she was a kid and on Little House on the Prairie lol

    What do I look like now? umm … I have had a lot of people say I look like a young Cheryl Ladd? I dunno though – I think they say that because of my smile? I dunno? My hair is not blonde, more reddish. But whatever … I have heard that a couple times 🤨😄

    I can’t do it to myself… cause I look like ME lol … an original lol 😄✌️

    But I do this with people – that’s funny!

    My dad always looked like Robert Wagner mixed with Larry Hagman

    I dunno who I would say for my mom?? I never did that with my mom??

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  2. My mother’s milkman is Robin Williams. She tells everyone this and everyone nods and indulges her (she’s nearly 88 with a foam of white hair that my daughters call ‘The Cloud’) and then they see him … and honestly, doppelgänger he is. Or Robin didn’t leave us. Which is a warm and comforting thought. That he just got a bit ticked off and caught a flight and a train to Oxford and now drives a milk float and doles out pints and sundry groceries to elderly ladies who are star-struck. I’m glad your son looks like his mum. Just that.

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      1. It’s the folks who decide to go out and then run a fecking mile when someone else comes along the road. If you are that scared, bide in afore you break yir leg leaping a fence and strain the NHS worse. Despite having plenty choice here where we live I shop in Aldis about a seven min drive away cos I like the size of the shop and the food quality for what you pay and I have to say even with the queuing it’s been abso fine since they brought n that system anyway. At least you get stuff now instead of looking at rows of empty shlaves and rabid shoppers wheeling the ex contents of these shelves and thinking WTF? Staff are lovely. The mr picks up anything we don’t ahave down in the Ferry every other day in the Indy shops there, so ..this far.. nada walkers.. Biters either.

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      2. There’s a lidl superstore just maybe a minute’s drive from our Aldi. I love them too. But when we were overby in Newport On Tay the nearest was the centre of Dundee and cos people would park there for free there were all these restrictions on time and you had to give your reg number. Well, I never ken mine,. That was the point I started going to Aldis which had just opened and was so glad of the custom. So now it is good to be 7 mins by car away.

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      3. Lol we have only driven there once a week. Otherwise it is the local shops for things like milk…oh and vino…. let us not forget the vino. You’d prob get a shock venturing into York.

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  3. I don’t look like anyone famous but apparently I look familiar to a lot of people. I’ve been asked if I had a sister named “_____” or if I used to live in “____”.🤷🏼‍♀️
    I’m just a generic 6′, dancing goofball💃🏼😂💌

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  4. Oh, this is a fun game and it truly removes the potential of aggression but makes you burst in laughter. So funny! Sometimes I play the game of “which animal do you look like”. That can be fun too with a similar effect.
    Btw. those crows truly don’t mess with the little birds BUT they are fighting the birds of prey. They are even chasing them.

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  5. Lol… this one made me laugh so much I had to read it to Andrew. He said, “Hey when I say things like that I get in trouble.” I said, “Of course. You’re my husband.” Andrew: “Yeah, when I do it you have to fix me.” Lol… it’s so true. And I just realized how much you sound like one of Andrew’s best friends. I think he’s funny too. I don’t think Andrew thinks it’s fair… but he did laugh. 🐓🐔🐓🐔

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  6. I haven’t played that game, but perhaps for the sake of my sanity, I should try it. But, the funniest thing for me about this post was the mention of Gargamel from the Smurfs! Why, you ask? Because just a few hours ago, I was chatting via email with David and I happened to mention Gargamel and the Smurfs! Great minds think alike! xx

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  7. I don’t do it deliberately but I do find that if I’m standing around waiting — for a train, for example — I do start to notice similarities. This is why I often find myself sharing my daily commute with Alfred Hitchcock, Colin Farrell and Christine Lagarde.

    When I was a teenager, several people accused me of looking like Hank Marvin. This, I think, was mainly down to the glasses.

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      1. Well no wonder why I was always singled out in classes at school and even at meetings. I would imagine the teacher suddenly breaking into a funny dance!

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