I’ve been struggling to find anything interesting to photograph today. Then I had a thought. Let’s look back on this day in previous years. So a quick scan was made of my mobile phone photos and this is what I found.

This was our part of the world one year ago today. Another almost sunny day in Yorkshire. That’s 2 in a year. Wow.

In 2018 normal service has been resumed. It’s dark and rainy Yorkshire.

In 2017 it was a friends meet-up.

Can’t find a photo from 2016 but it would have been a Saturday. A time just months before the world changed for us. Saturday would have seen us get up early and visit my partners mum. After a coffee I would head off and shop for my mum. We would see her on Sunday. We would then stop off at a petting zoo. We would follow the exact same route through the little zoo. Waiting for quiet gaps to appear at each of the animals. Then we headed for home stocked up with sandwiches, cake and ice cream. In 2016 this would most likely have been a nice day.

So we find ourselves in 2020 and the world has changed for most of us. But just in case we revisit today in a few years time, we had better make it a nice one. So hopefully by the time you read this we will have built a ginormous Lego tower. The picnic in the garden was not disrupted by ants. I remembered to hard boil the eggs before they are decorated for this years Easter Egg tradition. This year we are going for Marvel Super Heroes. We both will have planted some peas (and they haven’t been immediately dug up). I will have found some frozen chips and our Heinz Tomato Ketchup supply can last one more hammering. Disney Plus will have been working and not constantly buffering so we could watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2. And that we had many more random laughs along the way.

While the lockdown is on I might revisit this idea. You never know what I might find and what thoughts it might unleash.

71 thoughts on “This day

  1. I do hope the tower’s a success! Maybe I’ll challenge the kids with a Lego creation like that tomorrow. I’ve insisted they do a little creating, and we’ll do a little reading from the Bible…and maybe watch some Narnia? We’ll see!
    Just keep the faith. Keep the camera at the ready, and the smile, too. xxxxxxxx

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      1. Hee hee! Well at least it was a contest to see how tall they could get before Captain Chaos swooped in. 🙂 Yes, I think we’ll be ok. It doesn’t feel like it all the time, but that’s okay. The low moments help make us better appreciate the high ones xxxxxxx

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      2. HA! See…yeah, here’s the thing. Media jumped on us as a chance to blame the Republican Party, who were idiots enough to let Trump take over, BUT in this situation it was eeeeeeeeeveryone’s issue. The Democratic Governor was all for having the election up until FIVE F’N DAYS before the election–you know, after the media started criticizing him–and only THEN started saying he wanted to move it, and then yeah, Republican Assembly gets the blame. Had he proposed back in March to reschedule (like a bunch of other states did) and the Repubs fought him then? Yeah, I’d get that. But he literally waited until the 11th hour, Repubs are like, “it’s too late, dude,” and then he executes orders’n’stuff with the military to help with the elections–ANOTHER thing he waited until the abso last minute to do. But then if we’re going to hold elections, then frickin make sure there’s decent stations! Our town’s small, so it was easy to do the whole social distance thing. Milwaukee, which is half a mill people, only had a handful of stations when it normally has at least a hundred. THAT was BS. If the National Guard is being used, then WHY WEREN’T THEY THERE?!?!
        Sorry for the rant, but it really bugs me when the Democrats can just coast without blame. Republicans can be idiots, too, but they ain’t the only ones.

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      3. We never got into the politics. It mentioned the governor leaving things to the last minute though. My thought was that it looked very cold. Plus it looked like the line you have to form to get onto a supermarket these days. I guess we are all mad these days. x

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      4. We are indeed, Friend, we are indeed. Yeah, whatever lines you saw must have been Milwaukee–even the state capital had lots of polling stations. It’s just such a crapload right now; the governor acts like he has no clue what he’s doing. I’m not saying that because of this pandemic–I mean, let’s face it, NO ONE was all that ready for this–but any time he issues an order, it seems to be 24 hours after a nearby state does something, like Illinois. And he keeps renigging on stuff he says a few weeks ago, like the election. Yesterday he announced closing all the parks (playgrounds are already closed, but now any and all nature trails, etc), which again, just a few weeks ago he promised not to do. Flippin’ infuriating.

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      5. Sadly we are going through a process when both our countries leadership on all sides has been shown to be sadly deficient. That’s why the UK has the highest deaths in any European country and New York has more cases than any European country. I’m with you on being infuriated.

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      6. Our vaccine guys have said they have one just about to go to trials that they are 80% certain will work. If so they might have one by late summer. Our government is thinking about taking a punt with it and starting producing now it just in case it works. We are currently desperately trying to build new places to produce it.

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      7. That’s good news! There’s some treatments here with lots of promise, too. There are times, though, I feel like this is blown out of proportion. Take Seattle–the military built a field hospital inside their stadium to help house all the sick, right?
        They never used it.
        They didn’t have one patient. One. The hospitals never overflowed.
        So they’ve taken it down after being up for around a week.

        It’s moments like that where I just shake my head and wonder if too much news is causing too much fear, you know?

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      8. Anyway, you do your best to balance the madness with the sanity, and I’ll do what I can on this end. We better, since apparently the people in charge can’t just stop and think things through.

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  2. I love this!!
    I have a 5yr “Question A Day” book that I quite enjoy. I’m actually on my 2nd book / 8th year!

    I like the idea of photos better but don’t have the disciple for that.

    I lurve the 2017 pic!!!

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    1. btw: every time you mention the tower I think of the shoe “Lego Masters”. I only watched part of 2 episodes but the one I enjoyed involved building bridged and seeing how much weight they could hold. The show had about 309lbs of weights ready but 2 bridges made it to 1,000lbs before the show decided it was unsafe to keep adding weights (for fear of damage from the weights when they fell). They picked the winner based on aesthetics and it another time where you saw that reality shows are at least partially scripted… the one selected was dull whereas the one that lost was visually stunning.

      Long comment longer… maybe you can try a weight bearing bridge next!

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  3. I love the photos, but the last one with (I assume that’s Captain Chaos?) is really sweet. I still use Facebook, it keeps me connected to my rather large and very spread out family. At any rate it has a feature called memories which shows posts and photos from years gone by – today was one from eleven years ago! So I have become rather lazy, relying on Facebook to organize things for me. I really do like that feature though.

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      1. Not boring at all, I also particularly like the first one. It’s like something that was blown up into posters that I once decorated my bedroom with. It’s very beautiful.

        That is the wonderful thing about photos – the memories they elicit. And they become so very precious when the people in them (or were with us when pics were taken) are no longer with us on this plain of existence.

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  4. The first picture is stunning but my favourite is “friends meet-up”. Your dog looks like our dog Lucy except that she is much smaller with shorter legs. What breed is it?

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      1. I know. I mean i am thinking… is that me??? Noo it’s goats at that Claghaig sign! But recently I went into my pics on facebook to find a particular one and it was just unreal..

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  5. I’ve thought the same thing – might be nice or fun to go back one year and see what I posted on the blog. See how things have changed. Always fun to look back at some photos and posts!

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  6. Maybe it will start a trend of people looking back a year, 2 years and so on. It’s so easy to do now. A catalogue of ones life. I’m older so I’ve been looking at black and white photos and trying to remember when they may have been taken. It has evoked a great deal of nostalgia and emotion, not always a good thing.
    It is interesting to compare days, year to year, though. I have been looking in vain for signs of Spring. I am sure this time last year was much greener. I got quite excited this morning when I used my zoom lens and found buds on a remote tree. It is coming…just a bit slowly…we even had frozen stuff falling from the sky today! But with all that’s happening to so many people around the world, I would not think to complain about a thing. Best wishes to you and to your lad.


  7. Sometimes it is almost unbelievable how different life can be when looking a few years back or only one year. Four years can make such a difference.
    I love your Easter plans, Gary. This sounds like a lot of fun😊

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