A few nights back we had the most glorious full moon. Appearing to be much larger than normal but what took the breath away was the colour. For about 20 minutes it was a free cosmic air show. Almost like a second sun. My poor mobile struggled to capture it but I did my best.

While talking through the show our Son misspoke a common phrase. It’s always a dilemma whether to correct him or not. We’ve had conflicting advice from a number of professionals on the best way to handle communication skills and Aspergers. The approach I’ve taken (certainly not saying it’s the best) is to quietly point it out then immediately reinforce that everyone does these things AND his Dad is as bad as anyone. This is so important with our Son because the slightest thing can effect his confidence. After I pointed this one out he immediately stumbled over his next few words. So the Silly Dad stories got trotted out.

The time I was supposed to say Area and said ARSE.

The time I was delivering a team talk and my stammer crashed back into operation over the word Operational. After seconds of not being able to say Operational I did my normal trick of replacing the word with something easier to pronounce. Unfortunately this time the brain decided to replace it with OCTOPUS.

As a kid I was playing cricket and I got struck in the balls with the very hard ball. Absolute agony. To make things worse I was given detention for saying my balls really hurt, maybe I should count them’. Apparently this was inappropriate language. So later I asked the sports teacher what was an acceptable phrase. He kindly told me that the ‘nether regionswas the phrase I should use. Unfortunately I misheard him and for years I called them ‘my Netherlands‘.

Thankfully this made Son laugh and his little bit of mispronunciation was forgotten. Then it was back to the Moon show.

56 thoughts on “Moon

  1. I used to mispronounce words frequently. Kids took glee in mocking me in school, for that and for my clumsiness at sports. I don’t know why I didn’t know how to say certain things properly. I still mess up on occasion, such as with where to emphasize a syllable. It’s nice when someone kindly points out a correction.

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  2. I find it admirable how you raise your kid. I love the moon and I am shocked you managed to get such good pics! I can never get great photos of the moon on my phone! I have a tendency to mispronounce words. My friend and I always joke about it! Blessings!

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  3. Terrific photos Gary. Anything of the moon on my mobile and it’s just a blob.
    had a problem at school with the word ENEMY. Try as I might, I had verbal dyslexia and kept saying EMENY. Teacher got frustrated with me, so i did what any other nervous person would do, I passed out!

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  4. I am too scared to publish the confusion this work between Ventolin and Viagra. I think there could be someone very confused out there…
    …I can’t type it all out here without someone jumping all over it…I might email it to you later because it made us laugh a lot.

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  5. Wow! What a moon! That is a tough call. I don’t usually correct Declan but I do Catelyn. I never thought about that – good point! The Netherlands cracked me up too 🙂 Song lyrics are what get me, but I guess they get everyone. Always a fun(ny) moment when Bob turns the volume down to ask what I just sang. I’m usually WAY off 🙂

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  6. The dangly bits are the Netherlands, eh?? I just thought they were testicles. Silly me. I find that people get more weirded out when you use the correct terminology, so that’s what I use.😂😂

    I was hoping to see the moon, but we had rain.☹ So much rain… I’m sick of it! We’re at like 200% above normal.

    I correct Ben’s speech all the time. He has Speech Therapy at school, but… sometimes he argues with me about how to say a word.😂 I give in and tell him he can say it however he wants to, but the correct way is…💌💌

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  7. Well, as a speech and language therapist I think you handled the situation perfectly. It’s a very fine balance between correcting and maintaining confidence in communicating. Sounds like you found the right balance this time. 😉

    Beautiful moon by the way. Simply lovely 😊 x

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  8. Well, it just goes to show we all mispronounce and actually forget the speak,… we all mishear. Let’s look at the good King Wenceslas for a start. Till I was 10 I thought he last looked out. I tell you I am still in shock to know if that twatter so much as glanced over his shoulder let alone looked out a window, I was male and my nephew was a monkey. Of course Wenceslas was never a twatter but yeah… As for the younger girl begging the Merry Gentleman in the God rest ye… to display nothing in stead of being dismayed ? I ain’t corrected her yet.

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  9. You didn’t imagine it, the “pink moon” was the largest full moon of 2020!

    I used to think the correct term, quite confusingly, was public hair!

    I hope to remember to use the phrase “my netherlands” in the future!

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