It’s Sunday so in these challenging times, I think it’s time for a virtual tour of beautiful Switzerland.

One of the best times we to found to visit Switzerland as a family was over Easter.

In my country Easter, like most holidays has become over commercialised. Not in Switzerland. The atmosphere is just perfect.

The weather was frequently glorious for our visits. Snow still falling on the high mountains and yet beautifully warm at lower levels. The morning trains would find people in summer shorts sat next to skiers in full snow gear.

The weather was perfect for sitting outside and just watching the world slowly walk by.

Spring alpine flowers coming to life.

The snow line slowly retreating in the hot sunshine. Deep blue skies.

The yachts and small boats emerging from winter hibernation.

The colours constantly changing.

And after an exhausting day on the piste for a young one….

Nothing better than returning to the hotel to find the owners have left a little Easter gift. Thank you Switzerland for lifting the spirits again.

76 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Words escape me, but I’m smiling and thinking that “words escape me” is a saying that makes no sense. If they truly escaped me I’d have so much more to say, wouldn’t I?

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  2. So it’s Sunday where you are and not here for a couple I’m more hours. And hear I am on WP and your post is up. Yay!! Now I can have these beautiful breathtaking mountains to fall asleep to. Thank you😊

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  3. So beautiful, just absolutely gorgeous. You must have so many good memories. You certainly have many beautiful photos and the scenic ones are stunning, but my favorite is the one of your son at the edge of the water. So innocent and sweet. Happy Easter to you both and thanks for sharing your memories with us all.

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    1. I’m trying to work out the logistics. Son with his Aspergers is not good in our busy airports and trains. So maybe we have to drive. Realistically money won’t allow it for some time. Not convinced the mothballed company will reopen again. Challenging times but we have hope. We will try xxxxx


  4. You truly caught the perfect time for your Easter Switzerland time. The weather is like we are having it this weekend. Warm and blue skies everywhere but still some snow on the mountains. Happy Easter, Gary😊

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  5. Sounds like heaven. What smashing pictures. I remember a brief visit to Zurich, eons ago and loved finding chocolates on my pillow at night. The Swiss are rightfully proud of their chocolate! Best wishes to you.

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  6. Though I’m late to the party, I join you in saying “Thank You, Switzerland, for a beautiful tour”. I particularly like the fourth one, with the snow-covered mountain in juxtaposition with the snow-free town. Lovely place … I wish I were there rather than here.

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