This was one year ago. A very different world.

Unusually for Yorkshire, it was a dry race. Usually for Yorkshire, it was freezing. I spoke to one rider who had just abandoned the race. She had ridden in races all over Europe but she had never known a viscous cold wind like that one coming off the North Sea. Welcome to Yorkshire.

Today the sun occasionally peeped through the clouds. But that wind was back. Wow it felt cold. Definitely a two jumper day. Earlier today I stopped my morning workout to fetch gloves and a woolly hat. I came out with them and a hot water bottle. Welcome to Yorkshire.

Today we had planned to revisit our ‘bringing the world to us’ projects. Last week with the help of a couple of bags of sand, paddling pool, ice cream and a seaside animal mp3 track – we recreated the beach. Today the sand was coming out again but this time it was forming a desert.

Dad its a bit cold”

I was ok as I still had my two jumpers on. I understand that’s common clothing for the Sahara.

Not really desert weather is it Dad. I guess we could pretend it was nighttime and the temperature had dropped to freezing. We could spread the sand on the ground under the car engine. Run the car for a while then we could lie underneath the engine for warmth. That would be the ultimate nighttime desert survival experience.”

Clearly he has been watching Bear Grylls again. In the end we postponed the desert experience. We will try again in the Summer when hopefully it will be hot. Well hot for here. Welcome to Yorkshire.

45 thoughts on “Welcome to…..

  1. Thought of you when people were house-hunting in N Yorkshire, on an old “Escape To The Country”, last night. The looked at a remodeled fog horn station, near a lighthouse. I wish I could recall the popular tourist city/village but they say “shire” so many times that my brain loses track.

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  2. It sounds so much like Newfoundland, the winds there are brutal, especially in winter.

    I love the desert experience idea. Your idea or was it your son’s? Doesn’t matter, it’s very inventive, and the “beach” as well. I don’t envy parents today and all the challenges of home schooling, entertaining, etc. I have no idea what I’d do. Well, I guess more of what we used to do on rainy days/cold winter days: play dough, painting, crafts, etc.

    I hope the wind dies down or, at least, gets a bit warmer. I saw two Canada geese flying overhead this morning – one of the sign of spring around here when the geese come home. It was a welcome sight! And the pond out back has water over top of the ice, so I guess it’s finally beginning to melt. Spring is definitely dragging its feet this year.

    Hang in there and take care.

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  3. After all the rain and cold we’ve had in SoCal, today is 75 (24C) & sunny. The way is should be.
    Of course, the pressure is rising and that always makes Ben more agitated. I have to pay for a pretty day🙄🤪

    Stay warm💌

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  4. I remember you posting about the bike race. So cool it was so close to you. Bad weather during this is the worst. Here’s hoping for a bit more warmth for a nice sandy beach day for you guys 🙂

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