This photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago. Seems like such a long time ago. Time has slowed down. Sorry I keep saying this BUT…… Is 2020 only 4 months old – seems like an eternity.

Finally watched Toy Story 3 last night. As the credits rolled…

Dad it’s taken 3 movies, 6 hours of viewing and 15 years before we got there. Finally it recognises it’s great to share toys. Its better to let toys go to someone who would love to play with them rather than let them gather dust on shelves and old boxes.”

To be fair to him he does donate toys to his old nursery and charity boxes. But this morning the house is like a bomb site. Toys everywhere. I’m not complaining. It’s good to have a house full of life. It really is. Kids still have a childhood to live. Adults still have a former life of fun to reconnect with.

Like most things in our Son’s life it revolves around plans and order. Being a boy that naturally excludes the important areas of clothes and bedroom draws. He seems to have a photographic memory of all his toys. They seem to come out in a strict annual rota. No toy seems to be missed out. It’s so nice to see.

Having said that. THE PAIN of standing bare foot on a piece of Lego is timeless. That’s my ballet career knackered. At University our sports coach liked to change training up. For two weeks the team did ballet classes with a lovely Spanish dancer. During the last class I split asunder my cycle shorts. The feeling was very airy but it nearly caused a diplomatic incident.

Now back to the bomb site.

40 thoughts on “Ballet

  1. Ooh that immense agony of a small Lego brick under foot. The expletives that I’ve uttered when that’s happened. Words I didn’t know I had in my vocabulary!

    Knowing how well you balance, I’m thinking ballet might not be your thing anyway! X

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  2. I feel your pain! Not your Lego pain – that one is yours 🙂 But the toys everywhere! We have a bit of a room discrepancy here. Declan sleeps on an air mattress next to me, but TECHNICALLY his bed is the top bunk of a bunk bed in the boys room. So, where do all the plushies, kids decorations and toys go? You know the answer. AND I get disciplined by him whenever I rearrange the apparent “displays.” Although some do follow D around the house as he goes. Just more to clean up, more discipline 🙂

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  3. You have no IDEA about room. 😂😂 I gave up moving Ben’s ‘jail’ back outside. Our house is pretty small anyway and he scatters, then moves to a new area, scatters… talk about ballet… it’s a dance just trying to get to the bathroom.🤪😂
    But it IS fun to see them using their imagination.🤗🥰💌

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  4. Pants split in ballet? Were there any girls around besides the teacher? Thought not.
    I was in the finals of a ping pong (table tennis) tournament when my jeans split right through the crotch. Okay, right. Nothing special. Except I went around commando in those days, no shorts. I don’t know if I coulda won, we were in the fifth game of a best of three match. I tried playing through it, but I lost my concentration. I surrendered after playing for another five minutes. My face was red, but not from the heavy exercise.

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