This is a housemate. Starsky lives in the roof above the garage. We’ve had a Starsky living in that luxury apartment since 2003. So to be correct this is probably Starsky VI. All those years ago my partner named the new roof occupier and that was it. As soon as something gets a name then they get granted special rights. Eviction was suddenly ruled out.

Each Starsky (or a very very old and resilient Starsky) has common behaviour patterns.

  • Same nest,
  • First to the daily bird food,
  • Eyeballing and squawking at anyone who dares to use the back door,
  • Spending most of the day perched on next doors chimney,
  • Hopping about the lawn and under your feat while trying to cut the grass,
  • Exactly the same bombing run patterns.

From our Sons earliest ventures out into the garden, Starsky has always been there. Every year, every season, every day. Son very much views Starksy as a member of the family. That’s why I put up with the little feathered darling crapping on my car.

54 thoughts on “Starsky

  1. We had a goldfish named George for years and years when I was in elementary school. Sometimes George would “rest” on his side, but he always felt better the next day😉

    Yes, in this mad world, a little splatter is a small price to pay.💌

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  2. Love the name ‘Starsky’. In Canada we have a store chain called starsky, a polish meat and deli store chain, and a favourite for many. Thanks for sharing. By the way, please join my blog too, with notifications, if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😊

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  3. We haven’t started naming all the squirrels who run through our backyard but for the most part I just hope they don’t eat all my garden vegetables this year or I may have to figure out a way to scare them off. There seem to be more this year than in the past. If my daughter starts naming them it’s a lost cause.

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      1. They come inland when there’s a storm brewing, but are opportunists when the babies hatch. they take gosling too. We saw a couple of mallards and a canada goose seeing one off last year. It was spectacular and together they nearly drowned it!

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  4. Apparently the crap is supposed to bring good luck! Well, I have had no good luck however. I remember before a Math paper, the evening a crow happily left his dropping on my shoulder and I was so happy that left studying because luck would sail me through. I am still looking for the darn crow!

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  5. Aww, Starsky looks tenacious and fierce.
    I don’t have a Starsky yet, but we do enjoy the visit of a family of doves that created a small little house in one of the trees around the apartment.


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