It’s Sunday and the world is barking mad. We are still on lockdown and travel is just possible in our dreams. So let’s dream. It’s time to visit beautiful Switzerland.

I was going through some old photographs and realised that at this time exactly 9 years ago a happy family was enjoying a wonderful Swiss holiday. We had taken the train to one of our favourite places in the world. The beautiful alpine village – Grindelwald. Not a naughty wizard to be seen.

During winter it is one of the country’s most famous winter sports destinations. During the summer it’s a hikers paradise.

Apart from the Harry Potter link it’s well used as a movie setting. The Golden Compass, The Eiger Sanction, Star Wars (the backdrop to Alderaan) and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (James Bond) have filmed here.

What makes this village so special is the views. It is surrounded by some of Europe’s finest mountains. The Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau, Lauteraarhorn, Schreckhorn, Wetterhorn, Lauberhorn, Mannlichen.

It’s the home of one of the most epic backdrops to a crazy golf course on the planet.

It was also home to our Son’s favourite ever train station.

We always struggled to drag him away from it. Thank you Grindelwald for making me smile on this lockdown Sunday.

64 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

      1. I was just reading a post from Angloswiss and she said that her family goes to Italy and France for vacations as living in Switzerland is just like living anywhere else!

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  1. Great pics… esp your son with that huge smile!!

    Do you have Harry Potter theme parks on your side if the pond? We have them at Universal Studios in CA and FL but I’ve never seen them in person.

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  2. Yay! Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night💃🏼 It’s amazing to stand on green grass and see snow covered mountains so close. Every once in a while we can see snow from our house. Our mountains aren’t quite the Swiss Alps, but beautiful in their own way.
    Kids love trains… We have a public transport trolley system in the county and both of my girls, and Ben love to see those red trolley cars go by. Seeing Son’s happy excited face reminds me of Younger yelling “twolly twain, twolly twain!” every time she saw it.

    Thank you for the views, the virtual fresh air, and for reminding me of a memory that makes me smile!!😁💌

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  3. I really can’t wait for this to be over. Switzerland is so beautiful and I will probably give a lot to see Grindelwald… Potter head to the core.

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  4. I first went to Grindelwald when I was about the same age that your son is in the far too cute picture. My father loved it. Loved Switzerland. Skied for the Royal Navy Ski team in the 1940s and 50s which would later prompt a friend born in the Dolomites to comment that this was rather like having an Alpine Yachting Team. Anyway. Thank you for the beauteous memories not just of a place but of a man I miss to this day. Something I know you understand far too well. Go gently.

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  5. Gorgeous photos. Makes me want to go back again though it was a very long time ago that I was in Switzerland. I’ve never been to Grindelwald, but we stayed in Lucerne and Lugano and I went up to the top of Mount Pilatus. But that was back in 1971. Even when we are allowed to travel once again, it’s far too expensive to travel from Canada, so I will simply just have to dream about it. Your photos help with that.

    By the way, thank you for the follow on my blog.

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      1. I know that the covered bridge was removed a decade or more after I was there, so I guess I was fortunate to have been there when I was. I imagine much more has changed too. But I was able to use some of my experience there in my novel, so am keeping the memories alive in more ways than one.

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  6. Oh, you’ve challenged me to read the german namings. Made it through 😂

    I want to say thank you for taking me with you in Switzerland, never been until now but the pictures surely made me dream.

    Btw, your kid’s smile is gorgeous!

    Take care!

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