So easy to tell this is a Red Sky at night.

“What on earth is that Dad”

For some bizarre reason I have started freezing left over food. Anything which cuts down the need to shop is a good thing in our book. Any trip beyond the garden gate will send Son into anxiety meltdown and I have to admit to being uncomfortable with the idea. So stuff gets bagged up and frozen.

Remind me again, what are you looking for.”

I was searching for some frozen cheese (grated).

Well that’s not cheese.”

I’m not entirely sure what that freezer bag contained.

Why didn’t you label the bags.”

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But this is his Dad. I’ve not got a good track record in doing things sensibly. Son knows this. He has always known this. When he was about 4 we had to have our photos taken for a season ticket at the local fun park. I had just done something embarrassing – AGAIN. Son just gave me one of those looks and turned to the person taking the photo and said

This is my Dad. He is a muppet.”

Things haven’t changed.

Convinced I had found the frozen grated cheese, I went to cook lunch.

Is that my favourite cheese?”

Yes it was. Well it was for a few glorious minutes. Cooking and tasting unfortunately disproved the fact. So today I have learnt two important facts

  1. Labelling freezer bags is a great idea AND
  2. Frozen grated cheese looks very like potato rosti.

59 thoughts on “Frozen

      1. Nope, its not! 🙂 Have you ever made Chicken Curry without putting the chicken in? Run a roll of paper towels through the wash machine?
        Does that help you feel better? ☺


  1. He, he.
    Well, if it makes you feel better, I don’t usually label the foods in the refrigerator either. I go by senses, like touch and smell and I know it’s the food. I mean I can see, but thinking of that label and the writing with the ink going all over the places makes me not do it.
    Nice post, take care! 🙂

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  2. I labelled mine and thought, ‘Why am I labelling this? I can tell it’s ground beef,’ but when I pulled one out from who-knows-when that was frosty and couldn’t tell it apart from the frozen chicken!

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  3. i suck at remembering to label..and it certainly isn’t my moms fault- she was a stickler about that and many other organization things. But using an actual “freezer” marker works best..sharpies are ok but tend to smear. good luck with the cheese…maybe re grate it?

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  4. It may come as no great surprise to you but … I have done the same with freezer items too. Once I just decided to cook what ever it was I pulled out. I tried it for a week .. it wasn’t a huge success …

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      1. I can imagine.
        I took out some very dubious chicken once. We never did work out what it was, even when cooked. I threw it out – not worth the risk.

        I apologise if I don’t reply to your responses to my comments. You aren’t in my spam and I have notification that you have liked a comment but not that you have replied. Of I check your post again I can see your reply but not via notifications. Frustrating but I have tried updating setting etc to no avail.
        Ah well. Such is word press life.

        Hope you are good today. x


      1. Ha ha ha… We have a fancy side by side. One came wi the house and we insured it and it broke the next month so we got another off the insurance. One of the best moves we ever made that one. BUT see the last one in our last house? I used to defy the laws of volume on that one And there wasn’t a drawer cover left either.

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  5. I’ve been doing the same thing. Well, freezing food that is. Any leftovers go to the freezer for the next week as we seem to be on menu rotation so I know I will get to it again. I put mine in containers though and they are things like meatballs – pretty discernable so that cuts down on the guessing 🙂

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  6. Coincidence: I just cleaned out and organised the freezer today. The latest frozen leftovers are in freezer bags with labels. The earlier stiff in Tupperware….let’s just say there’s going to be a lot of “Mystery dinners” in our future.

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  7. I have the same problem … it looks quite identifiable when you put it in the freezer, but 6 months later, covered in ice … not so much. If I can’t identify it, then in the rubbish it goes, and it took up valuable freezer space for six months all for naught. Sigh. Happens a lot here. xx

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