Every year around August I think about either digging this plant out or really cutting it back. But I always decide not to. Basically too much like hard work. So it stays and has slowly taken over a corner of the garden.

And every April I’m so thankful I left it alone as the mass of yellow is just stunning.

So yes some decisions have unintended wonderful consequences. But not all.

Putting off getting married for a few more years so we could focus on Son was done for the right reasons but then time ran out…. Time wasn’t supposed to run out.

Putting off trying for another child …… Time wasn’t supposed to run out.

Putting off going as a family to New Zealand, Canada and Chile ……. Time wasn’t supposed to run out.

Leaving for another month fixing the hand held video camera and transferring those films of our Son’s first steps to video so my partner could properly see them ……… Time wasn’t supposed to run out.

Leaving to next week (and the week after) those really important questions I always wanted to ask my mum …….. Time wasn’t supposed to run out.

I can see a bit of a theme developing here. I’ve probably filled my time with too much unimportant stuff. Spent too much time worrying and overthinking issues – many of those I could actually do nothing about. Not focused on the important stuff. Not appreciated how precious and unpredictable TIME is. I have not seized the moment.

Hopefully I have learnt this lesson but I suspect that won’t apply to chopping down the beautiful bush.

70 thoughts on “Bush and Time

  1. Regrets are time-stoppers. The more time you spend regretting something, the less time you spend doing new important things. The problem is, we never know for sure what is important until the time for it is past. Look with your heart, not with your eyes.

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  2. Forsythia, the name of your blossoming springtime bush. Spring hasn’t arrived until its tidy buds erupt in colour. Time is indeed precious, so too is allowing yourself time to blossom in anticipation of the next season. Take a deep breath, try to plan small tasks to accomplish in seasons to come. Biggest of hugs.

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  3. I’ve boiled it down to ONE SINGLE thing… the northern lights. If I get to Scotland and Britain, awesome, it would be great if my friends and one or two family members would find a plane ticket to come out and see me?? A couple of places I’ve not been yet and maybe learn to fly or horseback ride. But I’ve not seen these as regrets but just life and living and finding the budget. I realized tonight in fact that if not another thing I wanted to do happened, if not one single trip to see and photograph the Aurora Borealis never came to be…my life would be a success. A life is all you get, and not having died as an infant, toddler, teen, or any other age is certainly an accomplishment as noted by our current global health crisis.

    I loved with all my heart.

    That’s the life I wanted.

    I was fortunate to meet people and travel and learn and become a success in my career and break a lot of glass so other women wouldn’t understand the shards that stay under your skin, I took the bullet. Many women around my age +/- 20 years did too.

    In general I’m happy.

    But most of all…there was and is LOVE. Einstein even was quoted as saying e=LOVE (I joke but he did say love in the end mattered)

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  4. Please do not punish yourself with the regrets, what if’s. It does no good. And sadly we do not know when life, time may run out but preparing for that day. I do not believe is good for anyone as well. All the things you did, didn’t do is how it was supposed to be and you were happy, I’m sure. Hugs to you as always☺️

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  5. Your post makes me think of this song

    The flowers remind you that leaving things the way they are has benefits too! No regrets! You have tons of happy memories and you and Son are making new ones every day. No regrets.

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    1. Yes, that is the perfect song to express the words written in this poignant, touching and masterful reminder of the wistful wishes left when something ends. There is such a fine line between regret and rejoice. And we are all balefully cavalier with time leaving us to regret what we didn’t do rather than rejoice in what we did, what we are doing now and can do on the road ahead. And to always remember that the ones you loved WANT more than anything that you don’t regret but that rather you rejoice in what was and what will be.

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  6. We all have regrets but letting them go is absolutely essential. I’m interested … if you could seize the moment, what would you do? So very difficult to ignore the ‘what ifs?’ isn’t it??

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  7. This is a common problem. As long as we feel like there is endless time we postpone so much. But once we realize that some things cannot be postponed anymore we begin to realize that there must be something wrong in our priorities. I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you live your life in the here and now that you don’t ever need to retreat anything again. But I think your son is teaching you this very well.
    Regarding the bush… I would keep it for sure 😉

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  8. Lovely forsythia bush. Time, seasons, press on and we often take it for granted. I think many of us will seize the day, or the opportunity, or that thing we’ve been putting off once this is over. 💕

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  9. That looks like a Forsythia bush…named after William Forsyth. They are native to your area and imported here. There is a neighbor up the street with several bushes and they gorgeous. Pollinators love them. I hope you keep it.

    Procrastination is a result of too much of everything. You wind up juggling tasks and determining priority can be daunting.

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  10. I don’t know if given a choice to turn back time and redo things, will we really change anything or will we repeat our acts? I keep pondering about it. But I do know now that past experiences teach us in strange ways to make what we have better so that, largely, in the future we don’t think of having missed the time.

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