It’s Sunday here in the UK so it must be time for our weekly virtual trip to beautiful Switzerland.

This trip goes back a number of years. To a time of being parents to a toddler. To a time before I had a digital camera. A time when my mobile phone was just that – a phone that just about fitted into my pocket. It didn’t have a camera, didn’t play music, didn’t try to constantly tell me to increase my step count.

As ever it was a gloriously sunny Swiss day. This day started with our Son feeding the lake ducks with last nights unused hotel bread.

Then we headed by train to Kandersteg, which is a beautiful and quiet alpine village.

A stunning path then gradually takes you deeper into the Alps. The sound of babbling streams proving a wonderful backdrop to the mountains which surround you

Then we arrive at one of the Europe’s special places. A stunning blue water mountain gem. Oeschinen Lake.

It’s a place we visited many times. It never fails to take the breath away

Then we slowly made our way back to our hotel. Some unexpected late afternoon excitement followed as only a few paces away from the hotel we had action. A Bollywood movie was being filmed.

This special day finished with the parents drinking wine on the balcony and someone pretending to be Dr Who in the bedroom. A hotel cupboard makes a grand Tardis. Another special Swiss day. Thank you Switzerland.

65 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. YAY! I so look forward to Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night!! A perfect post at the end of a decent day. Smiles and smiles! Not as adorable as the look on Son’s face, my my wrinkled mug is grinning😁😆
    That water is amazing! I’ll bet it c-c-cold too. Refreshing, like the air.
    Thank you! Every week, I love seeing your memories and the beauty of Switzerland. Thank you!🗻🏞🌠✨💫💌

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  2. Reminds me of travelling through the Rockies in BC/AB. Except for the age of the buildings, and the number of houses to be seen. We are still young in comparison. The aboriginal peoples of western Canada had few permanent homes.

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  3. I was about to say how I visited Swiss so many times since my childhood, of course only through Bollywood films, and then I saw the picture with the fanous actors here. That s the last super star of South Indian movies you have clicked. Her name is Nayantara 😀. Anyway God bless. Stay safe.

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  4. Beautiful memories. My dad became a bereaved single dad when I was 8. We often looked back through old photos and ‘had a good cry.’ Your blog is an inpsiration: thank you.

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  5. As always, the pics of Switzerland are gorgeous and breathtaking, but this time my eye was caught by the pics of that most adorable young man!!! So tiny, so cute! And the red hair! I had no clue! Thank you, my friend, for bringing a smile today. 😊

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  6. How can one country be so beautiful? It has everything! Mountains, gorgeous lakes, pretty buildings, stunning views. It looks so fresh and clean on your photos. I’m desperate to visit now.

    And .. the first picture of your son, his little chubby legs stretched out with his shoes … sooooo cute 😊

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  7. I am always jealous whenever I see these. My husband had whatever you call it when a person panics in an unfamiliar place. Needless to say, we didn’t do any significant travel.

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  8. And a beautiful Swiss Sunday it was and has been. Thanks for taking us all with you. Your son is always so adorable, and who can get enough mountains, babbling streams and blue water? ☺

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  9. So, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. The lake reminds me of Lake Louise in the Rockies, here in Alberta. I want to go there, too. I would love to see the Alps, but chances are I will have to be satisfied with sights closer to home. But, at least I get to view them through your photographs.

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      1. Hills are nice – they give a bit of interest to the landscape. I once drove through the prairies and at first I found it really interesting how you can see for miles and miles – hours later same scene. I got bored. LOL

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  10. Beautiful pictures. No digital camera when I was there either. I didn’t even have my 35mm at that time if I remember right. I had a Voightlander (not sure I spelled that right) that did take quite good pictures, but I made the mistake of using some film that was the triple print kind and had them developed as ordinary film. Not a good idea. I ended up with pinkish purplish pictures. Fortunately I didn’t use all that kind of film.

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