It’s Sunday – I think….

It’s May – I think….

But it definitely feels like it’s time for a trip back down memory lane to a visit to stunning Switzerland.

That building below The Matterhorn has always been a place of my dreams. Since I came across it, I have always thought that would be my dream location for my home. Maybe one day.

May 1st is a public holiday in some parts of Switzerland. On this memory journey we had headed off on the 1st to a Canton which celebrates the holiday. It’s a day for celebrating worker rights. In the town we visited all the shops had closed for the day. We watched a workers march. A very Swiss march. As they walked they picked up any litter and a few started weeding flower beds. After the march the celebrations continued with a super friendly music festival. While watching the music I sampled my first ever roesti (potato cake). What had I been missing all those years.

Sadly no photos of that day as I had run out of film for my camera (remember those days?). I’m sure if I had asked the nearest Swiss person in the crowd that they would have quickly found me a new film – it’s that sort of place.

Fortunately I eventually fed the camera and I still have photos from that holiday. Stunning walks through ancients forests set amongst the might Alps.

Leisurely boat trips across the stunning lakes.

The ever changing colours.

Glimpses of some of the worlds most iconic mountains.

The staggering water colours.

Sights and sounds which are so Swiss.

And of a toddler having the best ever time. Thank you Switzerland.

74 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. And thank YOU for another brilliant Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night! Today was a good day and Swiss Sunday is like the cherry on top! I’d love to one day see those colors and smell that air in the flesh. Until that time, I thank you again for taking me along, virtually!💌

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  2. Stunning photos again, Gary. It seems you were to Switzerland at each time of the year, even May 1st. Thank God, it is not a holiday in the canton next to our country. That’s why I could take the chance and go to the hairdresser, eventually… lol

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  3. Lately I find that all week I look forward to this one post! I love the pictures … such a peaceful place, so much beauty. Thanks, my friend, for this gorgeous respite from the world! ☕☕

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    1. I’m so pleased you like them. I was thinking about the trips last night. I’m coming to the conclusion that somethings have fundamentally changed now. I was kinda of 90% confident me and son would be visiting Switzerland reasonably soon. Now I see the possibilities dwindling. But if that’s the case then we make the most of it. That country is always going to be there so hope never entirely goes.

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      1. I do love them … they are rather the highlight of my week. You just need to make that your mantra when you are down, “Someday” you and your son will visit Switzerland together and it will still be just as beautiful. I know it will happen … someday.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely memories. I cannot travel far from home due to the COVID-19 restrictions but how many exciting and memorable travel tales and pictures do I have? Enough to see me through this pandemic so I feel blessed with what I have experienced and enjoying reliving some of those again.

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