It’s another day. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s windy but at least we have a few breaks in the clouds. A few blue patches above and masses of red below. That make such a difference. So let’s see what the day brings.

Just maybe the swimming against the tide will be easier today.

Maybe a day for being more understanding of my own limitations. More relaxed being just me.

So let’s see what the day brings and embrace the inner self. Shall we say embrace the inner Muppet.

The boiler decided to stop working the instant the cold weather arrived. Not ideal at the best of times, but during a pandemic….. Getting someone to come out and look at it is an equivalent challenge to building a nuclear arc reactor while at the same time finding 2 toilet roles at the local supermarket. The repairman is the last step in the repair process. First and most important step is working this through with our Son.

Trying to explain to him that a stranger has to come into the house is the main challenge. It’s his space, his safe area. His Aspergers friendly world. Even before the virus hit, allowing visitors into his safe space was carefully managed. While he was physically in the house it’s been restricted to two of his favourite Aunts in over a year. When he was at school, that was the time to arrange for strangers to call. The school day was the boiler repair time. Not an option currently.

The meltdown hit. It was inevitable. This is someone who has not been through our garden gate and into the wider world in over 7 weeks now. His safe personal area is everything to him. It’s something precious which we need to protect. So the bottom line is a repairman can only venture into the house in full stealth mode. As I can’t afford to pay for the service option which includes full Klingon Bird of Prey Cloaking technology, then it will have to wait until son is out of the house. Back at school looks a distant prospect so it will have to coincide with a trip out to one of my sisters. Also not easy at present. So the repair is not happening anytime soon.

On the plus side it helps as money is very tight with no work. On the plus plus side, my limited mechanical skills have managed to breathe some limited life into the boiler. It will now fire up and will run for 10 minutes before shutting off. After cooling off for an hour, it I can fire it up for another short burst. It’s enough to warm the water and the radiators. We have electric fires and an old Immersion Heater – effective but so so expensive. Fingers crossed it keeps going until the repair man can eventually call.

Life is all about priorities. Sons wellbeing is paramount.

Wearing comfy jumpers (sweaters) and every hour pressing a boiler reset button is a price well worth paying for protecting his safe zone. Maintaining the sanctity of his world.

44 thoughts on “What the day brings

  1. You said toilet rolls again. ☺ It still makes me think of dinner rolls and I still don’t think rolls belong anywhere in the vicinity of the W/C. Hang in there. More prayers going up…

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      1. I’m sure you could come up with something creative. The generous two ply? Paper you can’t draw on? Okay, now I’m scared where this may head…

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      2. Actually, that sounds way more elegant than our “toilet paper” Bath tissue sounds like bath towels. I’m so going to start calling it bath tissue.

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  2. You’re really an outstanding father. Many wouldn’t be willing to make those adjustments. I hope your weather warms!!

    We had the first night in weeks where I closed windows and doors due to the cold. It was so hot last week that I found even my cactus plants were dying!

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  3. In our old trailer, our furnace would have some sort of spaz out multiple times during cold snaps and our landlord would promise to fix it then leave us sitting there for days in the cold with a small heater. I got used to resetting the furnace with a code sequence I got from the model number on line and it’d run about an hour before I had to go reset and resequence again, it is aggravating.
    I’m tired of dressing in layers myself. It’s bloody May, I am ready to feel toasty again.

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  4. Our dishwasher broken right now and I can’t wash up in gloves so my dermatitis back in full force. Oddly though if I unplug the machine and leave it for a few weeks it seems to repair itself? At least that’s what happened last two times.
    Plus downstairs loo wouldn’t flush but my husband seems to have got it going again.
    At this stage we’re all going to turn into repairmen. And save so much money!
    Because I’m with your don on that one. No way is a non-household member entering our house. Even pre-covid we avoided them if we could. Nothing to make me stressed like a stranger in the house.

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  5. Boilers are expensive anyway …
    weird how so many things need fixing and repairing all at the same time. I have a piece of floor missing in the kitchen, am currently opening the washing machine with a screwdriver, the inside shelf of the fridge falls off every time it’s opened and a bath panel that is attached with sellotape.

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