What are you doing…..

This morning’s workout was cold, breezy and often damp. It’s odd. If I had been running across the fields, I would quite enjoy those conditions. It makes me feel so alive, help blow the cobwebs away. But when I’m restricted to the garden. When I’m trying to do push-ups and throw a kettlebell about – it’s not fun, not fun at all.

So why do I do it?

The obvious reason is fitness. Another key reason is that I need to stay as fit as I can (for as long as I can) for our Son. When he wants a game of football, I don’t want to be found wanting. He doesn’t have friends in the village to pass that responsibility on to.

But there is another reason for being cold and wet while trying to lift weights above my head. It’s very like my Dad and gardening….

Dad left this world many years ago. In the end it was a blessing as he was clearly in pain. The things he enjoyed doing were now beyond him. One of which was gardening. He would spend hours outside or in his greenhouse. Regardless of the weather he would be gardening. I can see him in the pouring rain, clearly cold and very wet finding some plant related task to complete. He would go out stressed and clearly not happy with life. A few hours later he would return relaxed and smiling. Yes he would often rush to the fire to try and warm up, but he was in a much better place than he had been.

Dad clearly struggled with his life. Pretty sure with depression. He suffered in silence. Talking about the D word was just not the thing to be done in those days. One of the few things that worked for him was gardening. It was his release. The thing that could help release the demons. His medicine. That’s why he went out in all weathers.

Exercise is my release. Whether that’s trail running, hill walking, weight lifting, cycling, CrossFit…. that’s my medicine. Sometimes activities like climbing have to stop, but they get replaced. It’s my daily release. It’s an anchor to help maintain life balance. People like The Rock have talked about this better than I ever will. We are all different. What works for me may not work for you. I guess we all have to find our thing, that activity which becomes the anchor. Maybe that is sport, maybe it’s writing, or music or knitting or cooking or gardening. Whatever it is, we need to find it. We then need to find the time to do it. That’s why tomorrow morning, whatever the weather is like, you will find me outside, running round the garden. Yes it might look odd but it makes perfect sense to me.

53 thoughts on “What are you doing…

  1. I’ve had my struggle with depression. Mine was so bad in my early 20s, I put myself in a private institution for help. It took 20 years to find out my initial battle was caused by birth control pills. Synthetic hormones are deadly.

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      1. Did I mention that a traditional western diet is deadly, too? I changed the way I ate a decade ago. I gradually dropped 30 lbs. (BC pills also make you gain weight…a lot of it…so, at 24, I was enormous & suicidal).

        My diet is sort of a mix of Paleo & Weston A. Price.

        I hope you get off those meds. IBS is a symptom of a bad diet. It’s not a “disease” that needs a “drug”.

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      2. Having trouble with fresh fruits and vegetables? Shortages?

        Not all meat is bad. Do you have access to seafood? I rarely consume beef or pork but, I occasionally eat small amounts of chicken or turkey. I do not touch fast food at all.


  2. When have we ever worried about looking odd? My grandad loved his garden and he also suffered with chronic depression. I’ve realised that you need to keep that ‘thing’ going even when you don’t feel like it. It’s so true, it anchors you and keeps you going. After reading this I am going to make time for my run today. And maybe start that yoga!

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      1. It’s called daily yoga. Was recommended in the guardian. There are loads but it’s free so I’ll start with this one first. You try it too and then we can start a 10 to 15 minute yoga session a day. We will be totally zen soon.

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  3. I absolutely understand how exercise is a realease. It’s also good for depression which makes it even more of a frustration for me when I don’t have the energy, but I do have other ways. Poetry and writing always works wonders. Reading my Bible and praying help so much too, but I’m stubborn when I can’t do the thing I want to do.

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  4. I admire anyone who exercises on a regular basis. I have started exercise programs and after a day or two I’m done. I never was one to exercise and I’m not into sports. Of course, now I’m nearly 75, my choices are less anyway. I do love to walk, but not alone. And I have a muscle/tendon issue in my back and hip and it can cause a lot of pain if I’m on my feet a lot. But I spend a lot of time in prayer and Bible reading, even more so now I’m housebound. I live in an apartment so don’t have a backyard to enjoy. But I can always amuse myself with a good book or a good movie. And I finally wrote another post for my blog today. I haven’t done that for some time as I just couldn’t get inspired. Also I wanted to add an audio or a video, and what I had available to do that wasn’t acceptable on WordPress. But I discovered I can make videos on Zoom that are pretty good quality and I recently downloaded Audacity where I can now do audios, so maybe I’ll get around to doing posts more often. Keep running Gary. I know it’s healthy.

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      1. To do a video all it takes is a web cam and a click on the “Record” button. You click the “Stop recording” button when you are finished. Once click “End meeting” it automatically converts it into an MP4 and puts it in your documents or wherever. Very simple. You have to download it, of course, and then you make sure your video and mic are turned on in the Zoom window once you click on “Start meeting”. I am not very good with a lot of technology, but even for me this was simple. You should try it sometime. It’s free. At least for now. Who knows in the future?

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      2. It’s really for meetings, so as well as being able to record videos, you can set up meetings with others even just to chat. And you can record that, too! I take part in Zoom meetings for church, but have never set up my own meetings. I doubt I will ever do that. Let me know if you have any questions that this non-technological brain might be able to answer. 🙂

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