It’s a hard life being a much loved dog toy. Life is a real chew.

Somedays even a Grumpy Cat has to hide. I so felt like doing that today….

Dad v Trampoline…. that’s absolutely no contest.

A desperate attempt was needed to get son bouncing on one of his favourite things again – a pigeon and chicks decided to build a nest right next to it. To heavy to drag I attempted to dismantle the metal object of torture. After one hour of trying to prise apart the first two metal poles, Son helpfully pointed out

You are not making much progress. Actually NO PROGRESS. Come on Dad, you are at the head of an evolutionary chain stretching back millions of years. Think of all the biological progress which has led to you. Surely a pigeon and a chunk of metal isn’t going to beat you.”

NO IT IS NOT. The pride of my species, THE DADS will triumph.

A truly brilliant plan was hatched. My Archimedes moment. After much searching in the garage I returned with 8 wheels taken off an odd bed (waiting to be scrapped). I had attached the wheels to blocks of wood. With all my strength I managed to lift each corner of the trampoline and force the wheel blocks underneath. Suddenly I have a trampoline with wheels and with the appliance of a little pulling force …. IT WILL FINALLY MOVE.

That was the plan. A brilliant plan. Unfortunately in practice the plan had one or two minor issues. The weight of the trampoline just embedded the wheels into the ground. When I say embedded, the wheels disappeared completely into the ground and must have been buried inches below the surface.

After Son had stopped laughing he left me with this gem of wisdom.

That’s my Dad he is a muppet. The man evolution forget about”

98 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. I admire your inspiration, despite forgetting that you live in a rain soaked area!
    I was going to suggest pulling it with a car but remembered you don’t have one.
    I have a feeling The Universe would like the trampoline to stay where it is. Perhaps it’s trying to prevent son from being injured.

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      1. I have an aunt (by marriage) who is so blunt. I don’t think she’s ever tried to be diplomatic at all. But I love her to death. I know where I stand with her. There are no ‘back doors’. She’s up front and honest and I love that. I think your son is much the same.

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  2. Maybe instead of wheels, an old piece of carpet?? You’re on the right track!
    When Older and I had to move the old Tube TV, big bulky, awkward and heavy, we put it on a blanket and drug it. And what about the car?? Still probably need something to keep the legs from digging furrows in the ground.🤔

    You think Grumpy Cat looks bad, you should see what’s left of Zeus’ Unicorn…it’s too grotesque for pictures 😱

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      1. It is so enjoyable sharing in your life with your son and if he speaks as you quote him, he is an intelligent boy. How old is he now? I think you afford him a good amount of joy.

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  3. Well the wheel thing is funny… but I would also be thinking would have worked!! No way I woulda seen the wheels sinking.

    But ya know hey… trial and error. It’s fun figuring things out like that… cause then it becomes the point of the matter lol … dammit I’m gonna do this lol 😄✌️

    But at least you laughing and trying… what would be your sons solution? How would he move that? What school lesson could he use to figure that out lol

    Yes I know I’m bad lol … I woulda worked that angle ✌️lol

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      1. Lol… I am a smart ass … I also like to playfully tease… So just keep that in mind when I answer things lol ✌️

        I would have said something like… well it is there… you wanna jump, this is for you… help me solve… show me your ways … let’s see what special solving powers you have lol

        I would keep bouncing it back lol… until either them or me figure out 😄… I figure is like a puzzle 🧩… so sometimes they think out of the box better than I do?

        Let’s see his magical plans to remedy the problem lol

        Whoever comes up with the solvent first… should be king for a day lol 😄✌️ Ruler of the homestead lol

        Throw some enticement in there lol… and then boom little competitive project together and he will just wanna win lol

        I try to find their spark or push for it. Make them handle some of life’s smaller puzzles lol ✌️

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      2. Well I get excited sometimes to see how far I can push something, before they will roll their eyes lol… it’s the most delightful thing to do ever!! lol … it’s almost like a game ❤️ …

        I also have the same thing with smiling lol… these people try their hardest but never win against me… you can not be stone faced around me… nope – has never been done lol ✌️

        All I have to do is look at them… I have a look 😄✌️… if the look doesn’t work… I know how to pull out those smiles lol ❤️… also like a game to me ?

        I am delighted when I win lol – just little things for simple enjoyment?

        Just fun✌️


      1. Well I was reminded of my first Saturday job which was in Woolies. There were these ‘floor walkers’ who went about looking like detectives and telling everyone what to do. On day one as close of play approached one of them one asked me to take the stack of baskets that were on a set of wheels from the front door to the back. So I did. Only the floor was on a slope cos it had been built on old swampland. But I didn’t know this at the time or I’d have kept a tighter hold. So anyway the stack got away from me and despite me running after it, halfway down the floor, the middle of the stack gave out and they pinged everywhere, a sight I will see till my dying day, just as I am sure that those whose dying day it very nearly was, probably do the same. The long and short was that my first day there was also my last… the first of many such instances I will add. in my long and checkered career SO just you be glad that thing was not on wheels that were anything other than stuck in a ton of mud.

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    1. ABSO. I might like to think so but I guess I am kidding myself about that…. Mind you lots of places I got my marchings from, now I come to think about it, also went bust. Must be the Wednesday Addams in me…

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      1. A friend who we should have been in Glencoe with right now got me that first job. She started the same day and never got the boot but she was always intrigued and still talks of the next, which involved a sort of shebeen. It was in a library. yes. You did read that right. And I never got the boot for that bit of it. I got the boot for cheeking some big in charge of the college yin who I did not know was one of the big yins or I would have been far more solicitous sitting in the office, while everyone else involved had well scarpered into the conference room through the back.

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      2. Lol… It was an easy mistake. And that was why I never shut it either and the door loomed large in my working in the library career in that moment. Hell, I think any of us would make a better fist of that cabinet right now. Wonder what the reaction would be if I sat there going and who the hell are you? Good today. hope you are too

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      3. No… I have never been especially employable.. I guess, except when I work for myself or I run the show. I dunno what that ses. Well…? I guess I do. And when it comes to cards I have always got the ones that matter.

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  4. It was a great plan Gary, brilliant in fact.
    We had to move my piano from one room to another, but having to go through a third. We couldn’t lift it, so inspiration hit and we used a wheel trolley. Brilliant plan. We managed to rock the piano to get the wheels under, then push it through the doorways. We were doing splendidly until there was an almighty cracking sound and a wheel got jammed in the threshold of the second doorway. I still don’t know how we managed to shift it, but we got the piano into the other room, not where I wanted, but where it stopped did just fine for about 6 years.

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