Running round the small garden for what seems like the millionth time and desperately trying to find an excuse to stop for a few seconds. Thankfully a yellow rose is a suitable excuse for a photo pit stop.

I’m sat writing this during another brief day pit stop. Son is having a wander round the garden, dreaming and working on what we do next this Sunday afternoon. It will be a short pit stop. Maybe 30 minutes at most. It’s an odd busy feeling….

My mind wanders back to pre Aspergers, pre parenting life. Early commutes, days filled with meetings, projects, accounts and people management. The working week punctuated by the occasional long train journey to London. Trying to get the works laptop to link to the train WIFI, so many unread emails to look at. I would return home and think – wow that was busy. Then the world changed three times. Parenting, Aspergers and then bereavement. One overriding thought comes to mind. What was I doing with that career life. Busy maybe, happy not, fulfilled – most definitely NOT. The first two events forced both our careers to alter. Suddenly the careers had to start fitting around our Son. One of us had always to be there for him. Definitely feeling busier. Then with a flick of a switch, two parents became one. The career was untenable and that was it. A new part time job and a full time single parent role.

Now the world has changed again. A social distancing fuelled change.

So I’m sat here watching son dream and I’m waffling on with these words….. Thinking about

  • A backlog of washing and domestic tasks,
  • Getting my head round this weeks school at home project,
  • Laying the groundwork for a switch to full on homeschooling,
  • Preparing the next appeal document to try and source the additional help our son needs,
  • Arranging calls and sending emails to teachers. Trying to make schooling work for son,
  • A garden which looks like an Amazonian Rainforest,
  • Looking at other work from home options as the current ideal role is potentially not outlasting the pandemic fuelled government incompetence,
  • Reading online DIY guides, preparing for the next home servicing and repair task,
  • What to cook for lunch and tea,
  • Scouring the online food supply options. Trying to figure out what we really need. Then trying to somehow book a home delivery for what is available,
  • Picking up the courage to get out the sewing kit and repair those pesky trouser knee holes,
  • Looking at the home finances spreadsheet AGAIN. I must be missing something,
  • Thinking about what things we can line up to fill the half term week off with fun and happiness. All without going through the front gate.

So the meetings, the commutes and professional career have gone. Yes I am at home. Yes my paid work is part time normally but has currently ceased completely. It may not seem like I am busy. But sat here, looking out the window, I have never felt so busy. Busy definitely YES, Fulfilled most definitely YES.

Now I am called back into action. Take care everyone. WE will do this.

63 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Omg! The passion. The power. The resolve. I love this side of you. The fact that you have finally settle on a decision and knowing it is the right one shines through in your writing. I cannot wait to hear about your historical trips. Arts class. Home ec. We recently did a shops/automotive class. Tember took the cardboard out of my car. Also learning to wash dishes. Turning oven on to preheat. Home Ec class. Now if only I could get him to look at a book. There is a program his teacher messaged me about. A read along program I will have to look at that. If it means anything the joy/happiness you feel at making this decision shines through your writing.

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  2. Wonderful Gary. Been reading you but not commenting. Your writing shines, as does your spurit. Keep going. Much love to you xx

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  3. You are strong and powerful, you will overcome this for sure!
    And in regards to being busy, I always get this feeling, kind of used to it.
    Just go with the flow and it will become a routine at some point.

    Take care!

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  4. Boy you were thinking about a lot in that half hour. Busy brain. You seem to have it under control though. In the working world there is this business competition. Everyone talking constantly about how busy they are. Busy doing what though? You are busy taking care of your son. Planning happiness for you and him. Now that’s worth being busy for. X

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      1. Meaningless really. Just a way for people to feel like they are important and useful. Much better ways of finding purpose. Balancing on one leg is one of those!

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  5. You have made us all realize that we’re all busy doing something for ourselves, out families and others even in these troubled times. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. We share what we love about this world, and we hope you continue to enjoy the pictures and travelogue. Wishing you all the best!

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  6. We will do this. YOU will do this. I think we are busy right now as you say.. Like here’s me just got on here today and it is 2 pm. But it is a diff kind of busy. All these planning this and sorting that. Today I was repointing a bit of old wall and that ended with me hauling out all the bush that has grown along the top. That was unplanned. All that was down for that time slot was another patch of another gap. I so hope this job biz comes right for you. As if you don’t have enough but these worries caused exactly as you say it was, the more and more that is coming out is shocking.

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      1. It is dreadful. It may well be it is safe. But whether it is or not, these insults to reptiles actually, created this climate of fear….now coming out … with the help of the press …. no surprise there….to get people to be complacent and obey. Now there is this total feck up, being polite here, as there was always going to be, suddenly it’s safe to send the children back to school. Children they have scared witless in many instances. Children who have not been allowed to interact with other children, or family members who have always been there for them. The generation who brought up their own kids, who know a damn sight more of the world than these beneath contempt fools could right on a postage stamp. (I’ve a five year old grandie who only feels save with us. Probably needing his wee head looked at indeed… I don’t imagine for two seconds he is the only scared and lost wee person right now. Even our wee 16 month year old grandie looks so so sad now) But, now with no thought of any of that, of young people, like your son with all the anxieties he has to battle on a daily basis, down your bit of the kingdom, teachers, parents the lot, are being told it’s suddenly safe. One of my readers told me today, a nurse relly of hers in our big hospital here, what wold be our covid one, told her, it was always far safer than was being let on. But after the appalling mess ups they have made, the mixed messages, the ppe scandal, (Maybe that was also cos it was safer than they let on and it wouldn’t do to have to put the treasury hand in the treasury pocket more than was needed.) mess upon mess, and teachers now being shamed for NOT wanting to work. After all of that, the sensible thing would have been to shut the schools till after the summer. That they expect pupils not under the same family roof to sit in classes with other pupils indoors when it is apparently so dangerous you can only meet one other member of your family OUT of doors at a distance, ses it all. Is it safe or not??? ALAS the press are just not asking the right questions or putting these bastards on the spit and grilling the bejesus out of them. I think if someone just would in the press or broadcasting and really keep at it, they might learn like Pavlov’s dogs to shut the hell up.


      2. Well I did notice the most I ever have about Brexit in weeks today… I am not a conspiracy theory person. In my book there’s something but we need to ask ourselves why this has grown the feet and legs it has. Pretty certain some is down to total fools in charge, years of austerity that means we can’t face the public with the mess of the NHS and the fact the total dithering headless chicken running about and failure to communicate or gather most basic relevant, coherent info on this thing–let’s look at how now finally no sense of smell or taste had been added– a kind of staple of chest things, so interesting that one being left off but won’t be cynical— not to mention our total disregard for health, ignoring old illnesses that once were killers cos hell we got antibiotics, calling things flu that WERE just runny noses, leaving people to fend for themselves in isolation who should never have been left, has all helped feed it and turn it into the monster isn’t. Figure wise it ain’t a patch on so many flu epidemics. But it is quite interesting to see what’s being buried and I’m not talking victims. Brexit here…Something else there….

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      3. Cummings always talked about project fear and project chaos to get what he wants. Well he is playing a blinder. Johnson will probably be gone soon. He will have served his purpose. It’s all sounding a bit too like Star Wars and The Emperor. x

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      4. I do not like the way ANY of this is going and while I don’t in any way shape or form support these right wing BNP fascists with their protests in parks right now, I do feel the public needs to wake up and smell certain things. I have found it encouraging that many people here are quietly taking back, taking back, every day they are taking back despite those wagging their fingers at them because if we don’t, we will have slept walked into this new normal which is a normal that suits the like of Cummings and co. fired by the press that backs them. And it is anything but normal.

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  7. I’m glad that your “busy” is fulfilling. There definitely is a fulfilling busy. My problem is finding the fulfilment in not quite busy enough? I’ll get there. Things change, but it’s also important not to miss what’s right in front of my eyes. I’ll get there on that front too.

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  8. You are so very busy and definitely have a lot on your plate. But it’s a good busy, an important busy. Fulfilling and rewarding, like nothing else could be. Keep being brilliant.

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