We have not awarded a Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Award for a few months. Remember we set this up to honour the fine body of self deluded, incompetent numpties in our society. Well one chap in the UK is so overdue this award it’s about time he got what he so richly deserves. I give you our much loved Health Secretary – Matt Hancock. This incompetent buffoon is apparently in charge of the NHS.

Photo sourced from Wired

Where do we start with Mr Hancock. He has enough material to write several books. Let’s hope one of those books relates to his trial and imprisonment.

  • In his time in government he has voted against giving health care workers a pay rise. They have basically enjoyed a pay freeze. As a result the pay of groups like Nurses have seen real terms wage cuts of 20% over the last 10 years. Last year he finally got round to awarding them a modest pay award unfortunately he won’t commit to awarding any further increases. His reasoning (you will notice a catalog of self delusion with Matt) that nurses have received very significant pay awards over the last few years).
  • Matt has said he would see about giving nurses another pay rise sometime in the future. However for their brave sacrifices he will give them a special badge. He is also quiet happy to see overseas medical staff who are working so brilliantly in the NHS, having to face increased registration costs due to Brexit……
  • Matt picked a fight with professional footballers. He thought that during the pandemic that they should take a pay cut and donate to charity. He failed to recognise that many do actually give a lot to charities. He also failed to call for many of the much richer backers of his own party to accept a pay cut. Interestingly when asked if Matt would take a pay cut he replied No as he was working very hard.
  • He might be in charge of the NHS but he has spoken previously about the need to sell parts of it off. He has also accepted thousands from a pressure group who wants to privatise the NHS.
  • In March 2020 most of the country looked on in horror as the government allowed one of the biggest sporting events to continue without any virus restrictions. Even though these types of events had already been banned across Europe. So why was Matt so keen for the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival to go ahead. Why was it a good idea (apparently backed by scientific advice) to allow 180000 people to group together during a pandemic. Who can tell. It’s fascinating to note that Matt has strong links with the Horse Racing Industry and has received political donations from them. Sadly links are being established with the festival and the spread of the virus.
  • When Matt was questioned about the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit for front line health workers he got a bit annoyed. He was being questioned by an MP who is working as an A&E Doctor during the pandemic. Matt told her to watch her tone….
  • Key health workers are having to reuse PPE, use bin liners and basically take risks. Those working in other care settings are doing far worse. Yet Matt proudly boasts that he is sourcing enough kit and actually nurses should start looking after the kit better. Then he made a big announcement that 100,000 items of kit had been sourced from abroad and was arriving in hours. Hours turned into days. When the kit arrived it had to be sent back as it was not fit for purpose. Strangely Matt has glossed over that.
  • Matt told an interview in March that he had been working really hard with the supermarkets to ensure food supplies during the pandemic. That was interesting as that appeared to be news to the supermarkets themselves. The message seemed to be we have not heard anything directly from the government as yet.
  • He likes to brag about meeting his personal target of the country testing 100000 people a day for the virus. What he’s less happy to talk about is the number he uses to meet his target includes missed tests, tests which have failed to be processed, tests mailed out to people (so still in the post and not yet been carried out) and tests which have failed (so need to be repeated). The actual number of daily tests performed are well below his own target.
  • He’s been talking about imposing virus checks at UK airports since March. Finally those checks are starting but not at every airport. Even at airports which will begin screening arrivals, it’s not at every terminal. Not even every plane….
  • Dear old Matt has now claimed that he put in place a protective ring around our Care Homes as soon as this crisis hit. That’s really interesting as the perceived view is rather different. Basically Care Homes have been left with no guidance, no protective kit, no testing, no tracing and no support. Care staff with little medical training and no kit have been trying to treat residents struck down with the virus. People have been dying in their thousands in Care Homes with no help from Matt. Until recently they didn’t even count deaths occurring in the care setting. Currently the estimated coronavirus deaths in UK Care Homes stand at over 11000 (likely to be much higher). That’s some protective ring Matt….

Trust me I could go on and on about Matt…..So Mr Hancock you richly deserve this award. Unfortunately your country and in particular the elderly in our care homes deserve way better than you.

54 thoughts on “Boris Award

  1. 👏👏 Well done Matt! Give him his prize and give him an Orange Idjit prize too!

    Ben’s Mama works in a Skilled Nursing Facility, the equivalent of Care Home. They get 1 mask per week and they’re just regular masks. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster they haven’t had a case of C-19 in her facility…yet. They have an outbreak of H1N1 over the holidays and it was bad. It can’t be controlled without restricting residents to their beds and they stack them 3 to a room.

    Two of the “Greatest Nations” can’t provide decent healthcare…why? Money. 🤬🤬🤬

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      1. A

        bunch of rich old white dudes, catering to other rich old white dudes, playing golf and counting their money, in between grabbing at any female in grabbing reach, instead of doing the jobs they swore to do.

        The saddest part is that there is STILL a segment of the population that believes in these “leaders”.

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  2. I think re Matt.. if we remove the M from his name and put another two letters there, one of which is an S. (Please do feel free to guess the other in terms of what he looks to have done in his pants to himself.) I also think we have what he and his mates have done on the uk people.

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  3. Add on being financially invested in hydroxychloraquin before recommending to for non-approved and since rebuked C19 use, telling citizens to ingest bleach to fight C19, firing anyone who disagrees with him on anything, routinely claiming not to have said things which are on video, and now taking hydroxychloraquin against doc’s orders* and despite claiming there’s no C19 outbreak at the White House… and you have out dotard.

    *if the virus doesn’t kill him, maybe he’ll do it himself with hydrox side effects!!

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    1. But a side note: Some US “Travelling Nurses”, pros who take short and long term contact jobs all over the country, are making well over $100/hr… even $200/hr in some cases.

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      1. That’s horrible!!
        Our prez claims he donates the $400k/yr salary ($570k after bonus allowances) he gets for destroying democracy.
        Weird fact: Prez and family have to pay for their food. Michelle Obama said she started freaking out after realizing a late night request for melon might cost $18.


  4. Sad to see you’ve got so much backup for your Boris award recipient. It’s really hard to see the sort of “leadership” we’re supposed to depend on to get through.

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