It’s one of those days. Wet, windy and damp one minute. Then sunnier, even windier and wetter the next minute. At least the rainwater tubs are filling up. Can’t believe that they were empty. EMPTY – this is Yorkshire….

Another week has come and gone. Another week of schools version of homeschooling. So what did we learn this week.

  • Apparently the school has one of the best online teaching systems in the country. It’s frightening that many schools are struggling to get any systems going. But what do you expect when the government tries to control everything about education. Strangely it never saw the need for online education. Why bother when it’s so much cheaper to cram ever increasing numbers of kids into overcrowded classes.
  • Even with a school iPad and online systems, we have run out of pens, pencils and coloured markers. We only stocked up in February…….
  • The new school trousers (3 pairs) which were bought the week before the lockdown started, now don’t fit. So we managed one use out of those. Money well spent.
  • Clearly using google translate doesn’t necessarily get you the right answer in French lessons.
  • Drama is the most appropriate name for the subject. Here every lesson in Drama ends up as a right DRAMA.
  • Music is largely based around the GarageBand app. Has there ever been a more frustrating learning based app. It looks so easy on YouTube to produce professional sounding music compositions. Not in this house. So far we can just about get a drum to beat. It’s the same sound regardless of if son is trying to do a rock or classical composition. Not quite what the music teacher wants.
  • Clearly the half term weeks holiday should be renamed the half term do school projects and homework week.
  • What’s this new trend of getting parents to join in with PE lessons. This week I got to show my prowess in the hop, skip and jump (Triple Jump). I can now rename that as the hope, skip, fall over and hold my back in agony jump.
  • Some teachers are starting to get our son and others never will. One lesson he is still waiting for a house point. He’s only one of two other kids who has not been awarded one this year by this teacher. Apparently even getting 93% in a test doesn’t constitute being worthy of just one point. Maybe I’m missing something. Another frustration is that every September the teachers all change as kids move up a year. So all the progress of developing a relationship is lost. The ironic thing is one of the few teachers who doesn’t change is the one who doesn’t get him….
  • Food Technology is so much easier when it’s home based. It’s all theory so no need for the parent to stress out about finding food ingredients and suitable containers. Also no need to deal with the inevitable school bag food spillages. It’s 2 months since the last incident and his bag still spells of garlic.
  • When I was a kid magnetic fields seemed so easy to understand. So why now do they seem like some strange Harry Potter magic.
  • Apparently some lessons are best undertaken in short 10 minute spells, punctuated with a few games of Crossy Road.

So yes we can tick off another school at home week. Some parts still don’t work but many elements do work. Here’s the key thing. The current approach is determined by the school. You take all elements of the package. Take the good and the bad. True homeschooling allows you the flexibility to address those elements which are not working. But that’s a debate for another day. Let’s settle for just ticking off this week. Job done now let’s move on.

60 thoughts on “Another week

  1. Do you know any other students in your son’s school who have challenges similar to his? Do you know their parents? Doesn’t matter what grade (form?) they are in, the problems are still the same. I think you need a parents’ advocacy group to fight for your kids. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to start one.

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  2. At least you don’t have the Sunday night/Monday morning freak out every week over a missing sock or fuchsia pen. All the stuff Son is required to have still strikes me as ridiculous! Actually, a LOT about his school strikes me as ridiculous.
    I do miss the dinosaur spelling test words though😉🤣💌

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  3. Lots of chuckles and smiles. Love the photo. I was wondering what those bins were. Question answered! Our weather is currently being so Yorkshire! But I am still smiling and the sun is currently shining. Have a great weekend! I’m trying to avoid all blogging, including reading blogs on the weekend. So far so good, but it isn’t an easy change! 😮

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      1. Thank you. It was a good weekend. Not overly busy, but rather quiet and reflective. Exactly the weekend I needed. I hope your weekend was wonderful too.

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  4. I genuinely thought the one good thing that might come out of this current crisis is that the narrative around education might change and we’d begin to see a shift towards a more dynamic approach to learning. There’s still a place for classroom based learning for some children but with a bit of imagination a lot of children could have a more bespoke education using the technology that very clearly exists. Some school learning, some home learning, an education built around the individual rather than one size fits all. But the government narrative, because they essentially see schools as child care facilities, is to cram the kids back into the antiquated dysfunctional system as soon as possible.

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  5. Well done for ticking off that week. Please promise me you won’t attempt hop, skip and jump again without adequate supervision? I can write you a note to get you excused from that lesson if need be!

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  6. I’m having one heck of a week. One of the dreaded moments of the week was the IEP meeting which I am still trying to process – I started writing about it days ago and just can’t be civil enough to post it. ANYWAY – D’s teacher was blunt enough to tell me that all the school work we have been doing doesn’t matter. All they are checking is attendance at the elementary level. Do you know how much time and resources I have wasted these past few months getting his assignments done? I am so glad we are done with her. The assignments matter for my older kids. Ugh, that teacher. ANYWAY (:-) ) Glad some of the teachers are starting to get your son! And that another week of school is done. One more to go for us (and I am only focused on two kids now).

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    1. I am so sorry. You must be pulling your hair out. What is the point of working then. We had that last year. He was top in his class in some of the subjects but they moved those below him and one mid performer up. Apparently the mid performer was moved up because the kid didn’t like the behaviour in the class and had friends above. Son wasn’t moved up because his attendance record was lower than the average. The reason he broke his hand twice during school supervision. Clearly great kids like D get different rules applied to them. So so pleased your done with that teacher. Sending hugs across the Atlantic. You really don’t need this. x

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  7. I did smile when I read your issue with Google Translate. It was rubbish when my son and I went to Paris. The French just laughed at it!

    Also, and this is coming from a qualified UK teacher, I award your son 5 house points for getting 93% on his test!!! He totally deserves them!

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  8. Haha! I so wish I was in school during this time just to see my parents run around arranging things for my online assingments! A little mean no? But college classes aren’t fun anymore! 😛
    Happy weekend!

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