Please remind me not to try and take a closeup photo during a wind storm. It’s not easy. It’s been a typical Yorkshire May Day. Two jumpers (sweaters), woolly hat and retrieving garden furniture from the farmers field.

A fantastic blogger did a wonderful tribute to me by doing a post on her site, in my writing style. It’s funny reading about yourself in someone else’s words, finding out what I had done. Thank you Chelsea, you do me so much better than I do.

Chelsea’s post is so apt and spookily close to the mark. Outside eating with a hint of muppetry was definitely yesterday’s theme. We had decided to mark the start of the week off with a barbecue. Unfortunately the old bbq crumbled over the Yorkshire winter. My first attempt at building a replacement one didn’t go to well and rather scarily was built next to the oil tank. So when yesterday came…

Dad why don’t we just move the George Foreman grill outside like we said we would.”

No let’s have fun and build a fire on the lawn. A proper barbecue.

Not sure that’s a great idea. It’s a bit grey and very, very windy…”

Yes it was blowing a storm but surely man can overcome the elements. So yes we built a rather fine temporary fire structure at a much safer distance from the oil tank. I was quite impressed. It was loaded with what we had in terms of coal and wood.

How are you going to light it.”

Matches…. This is where the plan encountered its first problem. Yes we did find three matchboxes. A remnant from fireworks night. Unfortunately the boxes where full of used matches. Don’t you just hate that. I managed to salvage one complete unused match and one snapped one. So here goes. Problem two – the wind. Instantly both matches were been blown out. Problem three – living in a house with oil heating and an electric oven. We don’t need to light a fire so the house is bereft of spark generating options.

Ok Bear Grylls what are you going to do now. Time for the George Foreman yet.”

Spiriting up my inner Bear I located my camping flint and tried to create fire. Thirty minutes later – nothing.

Dad I will fetch the George Foreman. I’m starving.”

Too late, it started to rain. So eventually it was an indoor George Foreman feast. Today’s heartwarming life lesson

Once a Muppet, always a Muppet.

68 thoughts on “Windy with a hint of muppets.

  1. We used to take the girls camping the last weekend in April every year. It was a family tradition, started when younger was 4 months old.
    One year the weather was awful. Windy, cold… Younger had a cough and we were huddled, the 4 of us inside a 2 person tent, freezing, wondering when morning would come. We checked the time… it was 10pm๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ซ We grabbed the girls and the blankets, got in the car & drove the 50 miles home.๐Ÿ˜‚

    Your bbq story reminds me of that trip.๐Ÿ’Œ

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  2. How lovely being selected for a tribute post Kermit. I love the image of your son standing by, wondering how long to leave it until he suggests a different plan. What must run through this head? You are a trier though Dude. Love Miss Piggy x

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  3. Just wondering, Gary, did you strike the matches on the windward side of your bbq, or the leeward side. The trick is to build a wind-shield on the leeward side, with lots of flammable stuff (tightly rolled newspapers?), and enough space to protect the flame until it grabs hold. As long as you don’t have a swirling wind this method should work. Happy cooking.

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  4. Ha! We had a George Foreman grill once and we had never used it. Cat Daddy, who is a massive hoarder, went away for a business trip and I secretly charity shopped the grill. Heโ€™s never noticed or asked about it.

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  5. I ONCE lit a very very small charcoal bbq in my teeny backyard. I learned that is a thoroughfare for wind, even when I can’t feel any wind. I was terrified that I was going to set my house on fire!
    Propane grills have been okay but it’s not the same.

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  6. Ah, the great Yorkshire adventures you and your son have together. It’s always a joy to read. The weather just wants to make it more fun for you. It seems to be working. Who needs fire when your hearts are alight with family togetherness. That’s heart warming enough. โ˜บ

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