Dad what’s the date?”

That’s a relief not missed mums birthday.”

Thankfully still not here yet.

Don’t mind missing your birthday like I did last year. To be fair you forgot it as well. Luckily I remembered sometime during the day.”

It’s not the first time I’ve forgotten that. My sister gives my a Calendar each year with all the family birthdays marked on. She even puts mine on just in case.

When his mum was still running our ship (she was good at that) it was all different. She would carefully map out the birthdays. Make sure we made each one special. Now I just focus on our Sons.

The ship analogy is a good one. Mum was definitely the captain. Charting the course and organising. Son was the special passenger who occasionally would help mopping out the ship. The passenger who would happily drop anchor miles from anywhere. Dad was the slightly confused crew hand, who tried to look important but could never remember where he put his sword. After mum joined a much better ship in the sky, our boat was rudderless in very turbulent oceans for far too long. Thankfully we avoided the rocks. Now the special passenger and confused crew hand try to jointly steer the ship.

We both really like this boating view of our home. Son summed it up perfectly.

Dad we are probably going round in giant circles in the ocean. Never going to find that island paradise at this rate. Maybe we should put the clearly most sensible in charge. That will be the gerbils”

He is not wrong there.

67 thoughts on “The ship

    1. I was suuuuuuper into bdays for many many years, till I realized that despite all the effort I put into remembering, acknowledging, and getting the “perfect” gift was never returned. In fact, virtually no one remembered my bday, not even the person who shared the day! I quit having bdays 15+ yrs ago and as near as I can tell, not one person has noticed.

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  1. Oh my gerbils Del and Rodney would have made great ships’ captains back in the day…I am sure you’re doing a great job of sailing your ship, just in keeping it above the water.

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      1. I see, Gary! But it only means that you are asked to develop more of the precious female skill. You are going to be a multi-skille man. Just imagine that!

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  2. If the gerbils are in charge, I hope everyone can swim! Or the ship is made of steel😉😂😂
    My ex used to pick a fight every year on my birthday☹ I’m sure there’s some complicated psychological reason, but Dr Freud wasn’t around. Now we just celebrate Ben’s birthday. Unfortunately, it usually falls on or near Labor Day here in US🙄

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  3. I think your ship sounds pretty cool and between all of you (I’m sure the cat and dog are involved somewhere) you are doing ok. The Captain’s spirit is with you, no doubt with an eye roll here and there, but guiding you forwards, or in circles because that can be fun too. Keep sailing on x

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  4. I have to disagree with one thing: you’re not going round in circles. It may seem that way, but that’s because you’re trying to navigate around sea-rocks – which is a far wiser option than crashing straight into them just to give the impression that you’re going forward😁

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