Reminders of what is still out there. So close yet in this changed world, so very far away. Photos from a time before lockdown. Seems almost a lifetime ago.

Trying to reintegrate back into the big bad world will be a challenge for many. Certainly it will be for our little family. We have however taken the first very hesitant steps. The overall journey will not be easy and will require frequent retreats.

A couple of houses close to ours have started large renovation projects. Much scaffolding, many trucks and vans. With that comes workers, strangers on the door step to our sons safe world. Now the safe boundary has shifted from the front gate to the front door. His world has contracted again.

We just have to live with this. Thankfully the back garden is still safe in his eyes.

Over the last week we have been building towards a short journey. A little round car trip. Unfortunately the new strangers to the village disrupted those plans. But we have made it with a few tweaks. We went early before anybody had time to arrive. That way we also had the roads to ourselves. Careful car reversing managed to get the car close enough to the house to allow son to take a few hesitant steps. I opened the car door so he didn’t have to touch any alien surfaces. We then drove for 10 minutes without stopping. No time for walks or photos. Then back home for Son to shower and change clothes.

That’s a start. We may go again next week. We will go when Son says so, not me. I suspect it will be a long time before we have new photos from the trips. But these few shots from winter show what even a little 10 minute drive can reveal. As hard as some governments try to wreck our life’s – it’s still a wonderful world.

59 thoughts on “Trip

  1. Poor Son☹ how awful to be so scared! And as smart as he is, he probably berates himself internally for his fear… Good for him for facing it and pushing himself! And well done Dad! Being sensitive to our guys helps them build a solid, comfortable, safe place they can depend on.💌

    Maybe you guys can build a giant kite and he can hang-glide so he doesnt have to touch anything?😉😂💌

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      1. This is basically a good way to approach challenges. With little steps you see early success and experience a lot of successful moments along the way.

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  2. That is great that he tried to get out a bit. That must have been really hard for him. The roads are so barren. They are barren here too. I have seen pictures of wildlife enjoying all the freedom from humans – it will be sad for us to take over the planet again forcing all the animals back into hiding!

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  3. Beautiful landscape!
    I’m proud of your son… and your patience.
    I can only imagine the challenges you’d face here, in the middle of a large city with neighbors 20′ away and never ending traffic.

    I hope son surprises you and requests another trip soon!!

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      1. We see it that the only way anything like that could even remotely work would be if we were all implanted with trackers, or had to wear ankle jewellery like a criminal. They can shove both where the sun don’t shine.

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      2. I would have made him swallow one! Any good social distancing and ‘staying in’ appeared to be has now been tossed out with the trash because of his actions. He doesn’t deserve to have got off so lightly or continue to be in the position he;s in. But then it’s not up to us is it? Our (ie Joe Public) opinions mean nothing. Wonder if the online petition for his resignation has hit a million yet?


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