I seem to have upset someone with my last post. The person clearly didn’t want his name mentioning. Sorry I blocked you John. I assume that’s his name from the email address. My finger must have slipped. Ok John, to help hide your identity how about I call you something like Dork Head.

According to my new friend, I apparently was disrespectful to the President of the United States. Really…. I must have missed that one. I was also patronising to the British Government and our fine Brexit leadership . Ok you might have caught me on that one….. John (sorry I keep forgetting to call you Dork Head) thinks I was showing my left wing bias and I was still having a tantrum over Brexit. Apparently Cummings did act like any reasonable parent would do and the government is doing a brilliant job in controlling the virus. To doubt that is to be a traitor.

Ok lets set a few things straight Dork Head.

  • I do think Trump is an absolutely appalling example of a human being. The damage he is doing to the US and the wider world is incalculable.
  • It’s equally appalling that the self serving, incompetent buffoons in the British Government, actually think it’s a great idea to copy Trumps antics.
  • Cummings (basically the guy running our government) broke the lockdown instructions. Those with honour have already resigned for far less. If he’s such a great parent why would he strap his young son in the back of a car and then do a 60 mile road trip to test his apparently damaged eyesight. What about the other road users he would be risking. How convenient that the road trip took in a tourist destination. This was when his family was supposed to be self isolating. I bet the locals in Barnard Castle are thrilled with the idea of someone potentially with the virus, visiting their neighbourhood.
  • The fact that Johnson and Hancock are now trying to water down pandemic rules to protect one man is horrifying. The needs of the one are clearly more important than the needs of the many.
  • So a brilliant job equates to 50000 deaths. The highest number of deaths in Europe. The second highest death rate in the world. The carnage which has been unleashed on our unprotected care homes. Our health and care workers struggling without sufficient PPE. Nurses resorted to wearing bin liners as protection against a pandemic – bin liners….. One set of rules for some and no rules for others. No strategy, no plans, shambolic testing. They can’t even meet their own targets even when they fiddle the figures. When a person who has a swab taken from the nose and throat, is counted as two separate tests.

Bottom line Dork Head John. This is no government of mine. I have turned my back on them. If that makes me a traitor then that’s cool with me. They deserve zero respect. Until the likes of Johnson and Cummings are gone then I have no government. I will not follow any instructions from them, I will follow my own principles and my own understanding of the situation. I will chart my own course. If that is against the law, then tough, as Cummings would say – I’m acting as any self respecting parent would do. I also bet that the approach I will take will be infinitely more sensible and far better for the wider society than anything this bunch of crooks and clowns can cobble together.

See you John, enjoy your government. It’s everything you deserve.

82 thoughts on “Dear John

  1. As an American citizen that votes in every election, I’d say you were too kind to the Orange Idjit! He’s and dangerous, narcissistic, buffoon! He wouldn’t know the truth if it crawled out of his Big Mac. He’s a sexual predator, he negligently gives false medical advice, so he’s potentially a killer, he’s racist, xenophobic, he’s toxic waste.

    Did I forget anything? Oh, he has small hands😂😂😂

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  2. Ah, yes… in a government founded on freedom, including freedom to disagree with lunatics, having an opinion of your own govt in another country makes you a traitor. Loons following loons as they destroy the planet!!

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  3. Lol Trump supporters 🙄 … they are ruthless if you say anything bad 🙄😄🤷‍♀️ he has loyal supporters no matter what he does

    It’s funny someone felt the need to go off on you about that 😄🙄 don’t pay attention… it’s what they do. ✌️

    It’s opinions people!! Ya know – freedom of speech?

    Fricken politics – corrupt, sleazy, liars anyway 😘✌️

    Eh whatever… don’t let it bother you, not worth it. ✌️

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  4. Oh I bet dork head John is seething now. Personally anyone who believes the cock and bull story about testing his eyesight and doing this because he’s a good parent is an idiot. At least admit he was wrong ffs. Mr D Head is doing himself no favours allowing the government to make him look like an imbecile for falling for the obvious lies and manipulation. Bless him ☺️

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      1. Seriously ….
        R 3
        L 23

        I can’t lift my left leg into position and hold it there let alone balance as well!!! How do you do it? I might have to start with foot on inside ankle!!

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  5. You have put your finger on the Johnson/Cummings situation – many others more able to get about will likely stop following instruction. After all, we can all think of excuses for why we do something while avoiding answering whether it was right or not.

    You will have noticed I generally steer clear of politics on here, but this looks very similar to the Blair/Campbell partnership on the other side.

    Advisers seem only to advise on spin – not the things that matter.

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  6. Couldn’t agree more would be funny if it wasn’t so serious and sad. But us on the left are made of tough stuff don’t they know with moral codes in place 😡😡

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  7. Way to go Gary! They’re not my government either, I didn’t vote them in, and don’t believe a word they say, especially now. It was obvious that Cummings ‘taking questions’ after his press conference meant he had no intention of resigning or even apologising, the maggot. How did his parents feel about Mr and Mrs having virus symptoms and probably passing it on to them?
    I so hate double standards, and this whole thing has it in duplicate as well!

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  8. Twitter tagged one of Trump’s Tweets on voting by mail in ballots as not being verifiable. The presidentcwent ballistic calling it an attack on free speech. He didn’t seem to notice that his tweet hadn’t been blocked. Never the less he used his presidential powers to write an executive order making social media accountable.

    Using presidential power to Deal with a personal issue, a perceived insult on his omnipotence.

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      1. I just shake my head at people who find ways to defend his comments. Democracy to work properly requires the citizens to be educated and realize they need to handle their vote with discretion and wisdom.

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  9. Perhaps we could lend you our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield for a short while and for a suitable fee – maybe unrestricted access to the UK market.

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  10. You can join us on the left in the US as a traitor. It’s appalling that we’re supposed to pledge fealty to a man who is trying to calm down a nation which is protesting police brutality by increasing police brutality. When Mr Johnson said he admired Trump and wanted to implement some of the same policies, I couldn’t figure out why anyone would vote for him. It’s like we’re all living in the 18th Century.

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