Can’t really claim this one. I cut the grass for one of my elderly neighbours. Yes it’s a beauty but wow has it left some scratches on my arm over the years.

I guess this bush proves the theory that some successes have to be earned. Or maybe it’s just – don’t wear T-shirt’s and shorts when your gardening near anything with thorns. It’s all about on the edge gardening.

Why don’t we apply this theory to baking. Dangerous baking.

Soon it’s going to be this years Bloggers Bake-off (July 18/19th). Last years was so much fun. So many wonderful creations and some interesting ones. Guess which pile mine fell in to. I played it safe and just went for a chocolate kinda cake. And it almost went horribly wrong.

Well this year let’s up the anti. Let’s wear our horrible baker badge with honour. No more hiding. Let’s be bad and proud. So this year I need your help. Here’s the plan.

I want to try and bake the hardest thing possible. Yes something I can get the ingredients for (or substitute them). But I want an epic challenge. No practices. No safety net. One attempt on the day. Photograph what ever abomination is created. What could possibly go wrong.

So I am looking for suggestions. What nightmare baking creation can I have a go at. Hopefully something which is so beyond my abilities that it threatens the space-time continuum.

So hope you will join in the fun.

35 thoughts on “Scratches and baking

  1. pavlova. The first time my other half made one, the ceiling needed to be de-pav’d! But so much fun, and even if it doesn’t look great, the taste can be worth all the hoo-ha.
    Oh, as long as you have a thingy machine that whips like a maniac!

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  2. I have also heard madeleines and murder to bake. They look delicious, but I have never seen a real one. Maybe you could make a croquembouche out of madeleines.


  3. I used to watch cooking or baking competition shows on TV at night – then Bob wanted to start to watch TV together and that meant goodbye cooking shows. Anyway, I think the hardest dessert they had to make was that croquembouche one. Macaroons seemed hard too. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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