It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly trip to beautiful Switzerland.

Sat here in Yorkshire, listening to the rain and wind lash against the house …. I so need my little fix of alpine heaven.

Sunday was always my favourite day in Switzerland. It normally marked our first full day here. The holiday lay before us.

We would have an early hotel breakfast and off we would go to catch the first boat of the day. Heading across Lake Thun for our adventure.

Sunday would be quiet with virtually all the shops closed. A peaceful backdrop. With just the sound of water, cow and church bells breaking the silence.

The stress of life quickly forgotten. Surely this is what life should be really about. This is still a wonderful life.

And then make our way slowly back. One last Sunday task. A quick round of golf. A perfect Sunday.

62 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

      1. Maybe we can organize a trip. You can be our tour guide and all of us hermit WP peeps can visit together. Wouldn’t that be funny? We’d all be together, but standing off in our own space not looking at each other🤣🤣🤣🤣💌

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  1. Lovely photos. Reminds me of a holiday I had with my parents and their Swiss friends back in 1970 in Wettingen, Switzerland. We stayed in one of those little alpine cabins belonging to our Swiss friends, and had to duck under an electrified fence around a field of cows with their bells clanking to get to it. There was an outside privy as I remember, and many midges flying about. The sun shone, and we ate outside under a tree every day. Happy days.

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      1. Yeah it looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie, one where they never left the studio but crated what they thought we should think a place looked like. BUT this IS real. And so lovely. Way back I had an uncle who often went there and he’d come back with all these stories about it and I used to think…aye right. But see? It is right.

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  2. Gary, these photographs are spectacular and made me wish I could go sit beside that lake and gaze up into the mountain tops. I especially like the first photograph – what wonderful memories to have and to hold! By the way, it is raining here as well and last evening the winds were quite violent. It’s the kind of day that I wish I could spend cuddled up in bed with a good book – I can’t, but wish I could. Thanks for sharing your beautiful scenes of Switzerland.

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  3. Perhaps more than ever before, I needed this virtual trip. I found the house I want … the one in the 4th picture that rather hangs over the hillside. I shall go there and simply live in peace. Such a beautiful country. Sigh. Thank you, as always, for the beautiful pictures that allow us all to dream of a better tomorrow. xx

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