This is what a summer midday looks like in Yorkshire. Quite majestic. Just trying to work out where to put the deckchair. Facing the jet blast cold rain or against it. That’s assuming the deck chair has not been sent hurtling across the farmland. Must remember to apply damp proofing to my legs again.

Today we managed to get a home food delivery. That’s two in just over two weeks. I know I poke fun at the process but actually I am so thankful to get anything. The deliveries have been just enough to keep us going over the last three months. Not sure what we would have done without them. Sometimes single parenting really does limit your options. Especially when your son is so tied to the house at present.

Anyway some provisions have arrived. Not everything we hoped for but it’s plenty in the great scheme of things. The main thing is that son got more of the foods he eats this time. Can just about serve up his usual 7 day menu. I will be eating some interesting options thanks to the increasingly creative substitutions.

  • My gluten free pasta has been replaced with kiddies dinosaur shaped pasta. Looking forward to that one.
  • Almond milk for cereal has been replaced with Coffee flavour soya drink. Not sure that will work so well with cornflakes.
  • 6 large free range eggs replaced with 4 Scotch Eggs. Not sure how you make an omelet with those. Also not sure they are much use for my planned Lemon Meringue.
  • 4 lemons replaced by 4 limes. Again not great for a Lemon Meringue.
  • Dairy free cherry yogurt replaced with rhubarb yogurt. Ok I know I’m from Yorkshire and we are supposed to love Rhubard but I’m the only one who doesn’t like the local delicacy.
  • And the best one – 500g of Chia Seeds for me to snack on replaced with 2kg of bird seed. The garden birds will eat well.

But we smile. Avoiding another week of visiting a supermarket is just fine with me. Almost worth eating bird seed to avoid that modern nightmare.


On the subject of Summer and Baking, don’t forget the Great Blogger Bake-off happening 18/19th July. It will be great fun.

59 thoughts on “Summer!!!

  1. Thanks. I needed that. You began that perfectly. It really made me chuckle and smile. Enjoy the dinosaur pasta and coffee flavored soya drink? Hmmm… can’t find an emoticon to express my reaction to that one. 😬 <— what is this face? It's a wierd one. It could work.

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    1. So pleased it made you chuckle. The Dino pasta is rather nice and takes me back to being a kid again. Sadly the same can’t be said for the coffee soya. Oh dear oh dear. What’s the old expression, it will put hairs on your back…. that emoticon is spot on. Hope you keep smiling.

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      1. Hairs on your back… 😬 Smiling shall be a goal! Enjoy your weekend and your beautiful Yorkshire skies! We have grey skies in the forecast too, but not like that! Yorkshire has us beat on dramatic skies forsure.

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      2. 26!? 😮 I have to get practicing again! 😀 I smiled so much this weekend. Our weather is terrible, so I kept thinking of your “Summer!!!” and the picture that goes along with it as I looked up at our cloudy sky. Of course being such a lovely summer day we had to go out for icecream. Hehe. But yes, that made me smile so much.

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  2. What creative substitutions! Back when I was trying to get some sort non-dairy milk, when the shelves were mostly bare, I opted for a carton of unsweetened chocolate almond milk. I used a bit of it to make chia seed chocolate pudding – thankfully I had a very large bag of chia seeds on hand. Wish I could drop some by to you. The seeds that is. The pudding was delicious. Good luck on your next delivery!

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  3. Maybe you should just invest in some Acidophilus and go back to dairy. I love coffee but even my vegetarian daughter won’t drink the soy milk.

    Bird seed? That’s brilliant. What will happen to the baking disasters if the birds are fat on seeds?? 😂😂
    Glad Son got his food! So so important that our guys get the things they’ll actually eat!💌💌

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  4. How about making a key lime pie. I understand it’s wonderful. Never had it and not a clue how you make it. Perhaps you could experiment, although with Scotch eggs, even I am not sure how well that could work. Your bird population may welcome the seed even if it’s meant for budgies? Coffee flavour on cornflakes…well I don’t like coffee but I suppose one could develop a taste for it 😦

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