Looking across the farmers fields makes life look so simple. So straightforward. Sadly that’s not the case…..

It was like the toughest questioning from an old school Doctor.

  • Is anyone in the household self isolating?
  • Is anyone in the household classed as high medical risk?
  • Have you or anyone in your house had Co-vid 19?
  • Is anyone in the house currently diagnosed with Co-vid 19?
  • Has anyone in the house got a high temperature?
  • A loss of smell or taste?
  • A sore throat?
  • A persistent cough?
  • Flu like symptoms?
  • Hay Fever like symptoms?
  • Is anyone in the household awaiting the results of a Co-vid test?
  • I know it’s a shambles but has anyone in the household been contacted by the national track and trace system?
  • Has anyone in the household travelled outside of the country over the last 14 days?
  • Has anyone in the household had contact with someone who has travelled outside of the country over the last 14 days?
  • Does anyone in the household visit high risk virus areas such as hospitals, care homes or meat processing plants?

Once I had provided a satisfactory answer to the bombardment of medical questions, the next question was

So what appears to be wrong with the boiler? Are you sure that the oil tank is not empty!

Sign of the times really….

73 thoughts on “Sign of the times.

      1. Talking schools up here, there’s Plan A and there’s Plan B. Now everyone has been told it should be Plan A. BUT cos the right hand does not even seem to know the left hand exists, let alone what it is doing, the letters re Plan B were sent out before various parents decided to take the Scottish Gov to court for failing to control the local authorities, thus prompting this quick about turn and adoption of Plan A.
        Anyway my younger girl messaged me re Plan B this afternoon. Let me just say we are all hoping for Plan A because Plan B sounds like the one from outer space. And frankly talking education, it is no way to educate any child at all.

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      2. I know. The best bit is the quarantine stuff. Who in their right mind would want to come here just now? Just wait till, in addition to all the other beyond comprehension stuff.. (let me tell you that it said in plan B ‘the children would not be allowed to wear ties. Ties spread infection. )…you have to book in advance with your contact details to go to a pub and get a drink which must be ordered on an app. Holidaymakers here are in for having a ball. NOT. and still they open their big mouths (the way Swinney did up here the other day,) under the impression that because they love the sound of what falls out of it, everyone else does.

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    1. That is what I feel. Like they enjoy torture actually. It is the lunacy that is doing my head in. I keep thinking I must have got knocked down by a car or something and this is the hell I have been placed in, one where raving lunatics run the show . Just when you think ‘ I am calm. I have escaped,’ one opens their mouth and spouts more idiocy. Like the 2 day a week in the school with mum or dad doing homeschooling the other 3 days. BTW there’s no furlough cos we need the economy back up and running and anyway there’s no money, so to hell with all you single parents out there with nobody to take your kids WHO MUST NOT WEAR TIES. And can only go to the toilet at specific times. ( Just wait till a few of the wee P 1’s have an accident) Honest to God, last year alone in our wee man’s P1, there was the boy who stood up on his chair and screamed the place down every time he got something wrong, the girl with the dinner hall phobia who had to have her lunch in a screened alcove with one other kid of her choice. This is before we get to other things.


  1. LOL… At work, when I need to dispatch a technician to a store, I have to ask if there is any covid-19 risk. And obviously, the answer is always “Of course, not!” I secretly dream about and incredibly honest and naive merchant, that would tell me “Actually, I have been diagnosed 2 days ago, and truth be told, my wife is not doing very well either!” Mouahahahaha

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      1. haha. I had a set of checks before I thought about calling Hubby for any electrical problems:
        Is it plugged in.
        Is it turned on at the plug.
        Is it connected to the plug.
        Are you using the right cable.
        Have you switched it on
        Is there a power cut
        Have you checked the fuse

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      2. ah. Same as us, and the reason why the previous owners wouldn’t get the boiler serviced, because it never had been and didn’t work unless everything was on!!! Two grand later we had a new boiler and still no furniture as we’d spent the budget.

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      3. We had oil in the cottage as there was no gas in the village at all and it was terrific. Very economical and we used about 800 litres a year for our heating and hot water. The property was built in 1860 and was originally the old school, so it had solid walls and the only insulation was in the roof which we tripled. It was about three times the footprint of what we have now having 3 beds, dining room, lounge, large kitchen and bathroom, plus a conservatory.
        Now back in a town, this one is gas and working very well. It has a guarantee of 7 years so we are well pleased we paid out for a new one. For our heating and electricity, we’re paying ยฃ46 pm on a fixed tariff until Sept 2021. It seems sufficient to cover us for the year.

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      4. I think we were paying about 55p – 60p a litre, but would take advantage of cheaper summer prices and fill our tank in August. A minimum order was 500 litres, though if you needed less they would still deliver to you, but hike up the cost by a few pence a litre. There were groups of people in ‘syndicates’ which would order altogether and get a cheaper rate still. The thing was you were tied in with whenever everyone else wanted to order so if you needed a top up beforehand, it could work out expensive. We always went on our own and the cheapest rate we got was 42p though the year before we changed to oil it was only 28p! At the time, it worked out cheaper than bottled or calor gas and what we liked was there was no service charge, so you paid for the oil with no daily charges or extras to pay.

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  2. Ruth is right. You should check the repair person’s temperature before you let them in. Maybe going through the questions would help reassure Son?

    I have to go through the questions and temp check at the pain doc every time. Daughter has to have her temp checked several times a shift. At least at the hospital she gets a new mask every shift, instead of having to use the same one for a week.๐Ÿ™„

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  3. Questions questions… it’s the age of questions. Don’t go to the hospital. They donโ€™t stop asking you questions there. I’ve never been asked so many questions by so many different people in my life. I think we should start answering questions with questions. Do you have a soar throat? Do you like fly fishing? Have you been out of the country? How are those hair implants coming along?

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      1. Falling into a box, or falling out of a box? Falling into a box is a whole new scenario. ๐Ÿ˜€ I could see that happening though. Trips over a cat toy… lands in box…UFO doughnuts fly through the air…I catch one in my mouth. ๐Ÿ˜„

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  4. Is this how life is going to be? Somehow in the States I can’t see anyone asking all those questions each time you need some kind of service and yet…I guess it makes sense. Actually I’m not sure what makes sense anymore. My Housemate is inclined to believe conspiracy theories so I just don’t discuss certain topics!

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