Yes this is Yorkshire. It’s a heatwave. Well a mini one. Whisper it, we might even get to 84F. Now we can moan about it being too hot. The Yorkshire Yoda would say that it’s ‘Proper mafting it is‘.

Dad what are you doing?”

I am watching TV.

Yes but what are you watching”

Peppa Pig…..

Why Dad?”

Just because….

Because your a big kid and so uncool”

That as well.

Have you found the paper you went looking for. I need to get this lesson done.”

Oops I forgot. Too busy watching Peppa tell George off. I will go now and look.

***10 minutes later with the required paper in hand***

What are you watching Son.

I am watching Peppa Pig”

Is that because you are so uncool like your Dad!

Of course not Dad. I’m watching it because I couldn’t be bothered to find the Deadpool DVD. It was on so I kept watching Peppa. Peppa is infinitely better than schoolwork. Young people do cool, Dads try to be cool.

Dads can be cool.

Yes they can but not when they are wearing a T-shirt like that.”

What’s wrong with my I’m Too Sexie for My Accountancy Qualification shirt.

Says it all Dad. It really does.”

58 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. Smiling at your post, but I am so tired. I’m short on words. Let me think… That blue sky looks nice. The sun was fleeting here today. Too many clouds. I did the stairs. Didn’t run them though. My hospital visit set me back a bit and it was a hothouse out there today. Very humid. Dads can too be cool! Now I want to watch Peppa Pig! Smirking at those final words. There are always famous last words. No, wait… I don’t think those are the right words.

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      1. I have never heard of Peppa Pig, but I just subscribed to the Youtube channel. I shall try watching some of it. Currently I am quite tired, but it’s the morning here, so there is still hope that I’ll gain some later in the day.

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  2. Oh No!! Peppa just keeps popping up everywhere 😱 Ben is either “jumping up and down in muddy puddles” or he’s “not very well”… thought we were gonna have to call Dr. Brown Bear for a while there.

    We had very similar weather here today. We put the AC on when the sun hits the west side of the house. It just gets too hot in the living room with the sun beating on the big window.

    Aww… Tell Son your shirt is great but in fact, you’re too sexy for your shirt


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  3. Yeah that shirt watching Peppa Pig lol πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ that is a really funny mental image lol

    84 lol … heatwave lol … it sounds heavenly to me ahhh 84 … Oh my god! That’s like perfect!

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      1. Lol… only a β€œtad” though …

        If you were over here, where I am… you be contending with 100’s not 80’s lol πŸ˜±πŸ˜„βœŒοΈ

        So 84 sounds quite heavenly to me lol 😘✌️

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