This was the last few hours of the heatwave before the stormy weather arrived.

There’s a new expression taking hold in England. The matter is now closed. Unfortunately it carries no weight unless you are a member of the Government. It works like this. It comes to light that a member of the government or a sponsor has been caught doing bad stuff. Recently that’s things like criminal negligence, collusion with a foreign power, breaking the law, ignoring lockdown rules, profiteering from the pandemic or brexit, harassment, breaking procurement regulations, waiving or ignoring planning rules for personal gain and misconduct. The type of stuff that if me and you did this then we would be thrown to the wolves.

But that doesn’t apply to members of the elite.

But here’s where the phrase comes into use. So a member of the government is caught with his or her trousers down. After days of denying anything happened they issue a brief statement saying nothing bad happened and anyway it was someone else’s fault. This is then followed by the PM saying The Matter is Now Closed and I have full confidence in the rogue bandit. Now since the PM likes to see himself as a part time Emperor, well that’s it. No need for further investigation or questions. The PM has done that kinda stuff while sipping on another expensive champagne. He is court, jury and judge. You can trust the emperor as he had an exclusive private education and he had been bred to lead us. This approach is proving such jolly good fun that it’s really taking hold. The mainstream media buy it, prosecuting authorities are increasing deferring to it, as are an increasing number of the public.

So when I was a kid and I got hauled off to the head teachers office for snapping a pencil or swearing in cricket – if only I had access to the the matter is now closed defence.

If only my ‘a big boy did it and ran away‘ excuse had proved so effective……

51 thoughts on “Excuse

      1. By 1,000 years! And the only one to acknowledge a son “on the spectrum” (I am among those who think tRump’s youngest son has Aspergers or autism… and that it’s part of the reason we never see him).

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  1. Always one rule for them and one for us.
    Other government phrases that piss me off are

    Lessons will be learned
    Let us be clear.

    They learn bugger all from anything let alone their experts and couldn’t be clear if they spoke through plastic. This latest gem of sacrifice due to begin on July 4th (which is already being practiced in some cities) will see numbers rocket and let’s see him close the matter on THAT.

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  2. At least he doesn’t turn on the questioner and call them names or start a tweetstorm with horrible nicknames and threats of violence… oh, sorry… he was only joking. We tried to hold The Orange Idjit accountable, he was impeached fer cryin out loud, but his cronies in the Senate backed him up. He really COULD shoot someone on the street and get away with it, just like he bragged years ago.

    The “matter” that’s closed is the tiny “grey matter” inside their thick skulls🤬🤬🤬🤬

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    1. And, we have so much more to look forward to in November…Grabby, Creepy Joe Biden, who can’t string to two sentences together, from the Alzheimers Party or Tweety McTrump from the Roy Cohn-trained Gangster Party. Yay for us. I hope you don’t live in a big city.

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  3. The extreme right are, of course, wrong, but will never EVER admit it. Do you ever get the feeling that all the years of fighting for democracy is now unraveling faster than the powers that be can say, “it wasn’t me”?

    I can’t even…..

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  4. The world of humans says they who are placed above us will lead us, but in my heart I know I lead me and take personal responsibility for my actions. The world says follow them and I to myself I say “Not on your Nelly!” for they are going the wrong way, the way of the fool. The Earth says walk with me and I do to enjoy the beauty of the rain upon dry soil, the opening of a summer flower… The way of the Earth, I’m for that way.

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      1. I stopped watching the regular covid-19 updates and cannot see the point in knowing the numbers, but that I did catch a heart warming glimpses that Scotland is beating it back with a thistle. Personally I do keep to basic rules that make sense and feel saddened when I see people don’t, being jerks. I might keep the distancing thing going for longer than others deem necessary, even if I get told it’s safe to stop by some mop head. In the meantime I have my own news to be getting on with, that goes like this: The courgette plant got a bit windswept, but not all the flowers flew off, as the runner beans clung on during the torrential rain and might thrive due to the watering. 🌿

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      2. How’s this for some latest news for you: Over Soil kept slightly awake by splinter from gardening, hears helicopter in the field over the fence and goes to the back door to investigate, only to realise that this might show up on the infrared if it’s the police or even that someone might be lurking with the hedgehogs! Goes back in and wonders if waking up tomorrow for work training might be a problem, but then remembers a little trick to getting back to sleepy bye byes, by playing a bit of Pacman, smiling at the thoughts of Esther the wonder pig and once hitting the sack dreaming of butterflies on buddleja, whilst sipping homemade lemonade in the sunshine.


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