It’s just turned Sunday here in Yorkshire. It must be time for our weekly trip to the country which means so much to our little family. Beautiful Switzerland.

A country which is just under 850 miles away to the south east of our little Yorkshire bungalow. Actually 850 miles doesn’t sound that far away when you say it quickly. Ok 2020 will sadly be another year without breathing in that alpine air but 850 miles surely is doable in the near future.

My partners family has been visiting Switzerland since just after the Second World War. My partner fell in love with the country as a young child during the seventies. She introduced me to Alpine Heaven 20 years ago. Our son made his first trip here when he was one.

850 miles doesn’t sound so far. Just short enough to give us a few travel options. The air option is convenient. Either a direct flight or a quick change in Amsterdam. These days you spend more time going through security than actually in the air. Flight time is less than 2 hours.

The second option was by train. Super relaxing but much longer. A 6am train to take us into London. A two minute walk to the Eurostar terminal. Navigate the security which is completed in minutes then wait to board the tunnel train that takes you under the sea into France. Just over two hours later your stood in a Paris station. Then it’s a short walk or a subway journey to a connecting station.

You now have three options. The first option is a train journey to Strasbourg then a short train journey into Switzerland.

The second option is a HGV bullet train to Basel in Switzerland.

The third option is to stay in Paris for a couple of days to allow a visit to Paris Disneyland. Definitely fun….

The train to Switzerland option is long one, especially if it involves a trip to see Mickey Mouse. It’s a full day of travel but incredibly relaxing. Another option does exist. It’s to drive. Never tried it but it might be the best option for our son. It would be about 12 hours including an hour on a tunnel train. Driving through The Alps does sound fun. If only we had a Aston Martin to cruise in.

Until next week. Take care everyone. Remember to live and let’s see how far our little legs can carry us.

49 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Option 3 likes fun to me but I do like a good road trip too. You’ll get there, in the meantime keep the posts coming I look out for you each day. Great photography and great writing. Linda

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  2. Love the idea of the train and a Mickey Mouse treat thrown in. You will definitely get there again and driving sounds like a brilliant idea. You’d see so many beautiful and interesting sights along the way too. Start planning my friend. X

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  3. 850 miles?? Why, that would barely get me out of California! Maybe to Portland, Oregon. Fantasy drive: Long Beach to San Luis Obispo (Hearst Castle area) to Monterey (great aquarium) to Santa Cruz (boardwalk & redwoods… Harold & Maude, and The Lost Boys, were filmed there) to San Fran to Crescent City/Eureka (old redwood logging community, lots of fog, very atmospheric), Rogue River (shallow water speedboat to the water-access only cabin with bears), to whatever there is to do in Oregon (I haven’t been since I was a teen).

    I LOVE the pic of the rushing river!!!!

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  4. I can’t believe I’m a day late!!! Ah well … it still lifts my heart, even on a Monday. Beautiful pics, as always! I would probably opt for driving, for I like the autonomy it gives … see something interesting, you can pull over and investigate. And, as you said, I imagine it would be the most comfortable for your son. Rent a car … just not an Aston-Martin!!!

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  5. Such beautiful photos! I’ve only been through the Swiss Alps once, but it was a magical trip. I did drive– but was in an old Subaru, not an Aston Martin (missed opportunity there!).
    Thanks for the post and bringing back some great memories.

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