So the great Boris Johnson let’s open ‘Schools in September’ plan is becoming oh so clear. Basically let’s disregard all the current Covid guidance. Let’s squeeze the kids back into the cramped schools and forget about social distancing. But here’s the master plan. Let’s split the kids into year groups and ask the year groups not to mix. That way we can try and reduce the spread of the virus amongst all the poor sods in the school. Maybe stagger some start times and do a bit of cleaning here and there. If teachers go off sick then try to squeeze more kids into even larger classes. And that’s basically it. Oh and of course schools are safe because Boris said so. OK….

Last week some schools in the English city of Leicester were opened even though confirmed cases were rising alarmingly in the area. Parents were assured it was perfectly safe to send kids to school. On Tuesday it was announced that schools in the city would close on Thursday as part of a local city pandemic lockdown. So it’s apparently safe for kids and teachers to go into school until midnight Wednesday at which point it becomes unsafe again….

Dad is that really what a Prime Minister should look like….”

***** photo from the Daily Record******

Well that’s the neatest I’ve ever seen him.

Dad. It looks like he’s doing a Paddington Bear and he’s keeping his sandwiches safe under is hat.”

Certainly not keeping his brain safe under there. No one has seen that for years. Still the brains not needed as he has his special adviser.

The one who looks like a Sith Lord and can ignore lockdown rules .”

Yep that’s the one.


Now here’s the thing. The special adviser is Dominic Cummings. This lovely chap.

******photo from The Guardian******

The X-Files could have spent many a series and several films just on this shady villain. I will give you just one little nugget. He passionately believes in Eugenics. The belief that the key for our countries development is to improve the gene pool of the population. That is to encourage those deemed ‘the finest’ to breed and breeding out those who do not fit the template. That means the likes of our son would not be included in the desired gene pool. Can’t have defective genes in the pool…..

Welcome to modern Britain. Welcome to the Government. Where’s Mulder and Scully when we need them.

91 thoughts on “Really

  1. Aw… Boris is adorable in his hard hat… was he playing Bob The Builder that day?

    As horrible as our “leaders” are… think about the people who elected them. And would REelect them. That’s scary stuff right there!

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  2. There must be lots of people who won’t send their children back to school, so what will the so called government do? It’s mad. No one knows what the hell is going on. Getting on for 2300….

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  3. I truly hate to say this… BUT (Apposite actually, gimme a mo and sure you will get this) either your boy got it wrong with the bit about what a prime minister looks like, or you did with that pic alongside. Sorry but plainly what you meant was to show that one of the thing with the arse in the air. Cos in terms of what you are putting up with down south right now, that is what a pm looks like. An arse. Re education, we have already seen the plans for plan B up here in Scotland where even ties are infectious. Oh and social bubbles and all and worse for young primary kids. AND this is nowt to do with your arse down south cos up here we are going our own way on some things. I said to my younger lass, if they can’t do plan A as promised please think again. Nothing to do with the virus but the fact is that plan b is no education whatsoever, so if you can’t, you shouldn’t and you should not be messing kids about. I cannot believe what is going on right now. Your bit about it ‘s okay to open to a certain time then it’s not ses it all.

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    1. I can’t understand why they haven’t sort parent or kid input. Huge demand for things like online academies now. If the did that then it frees space up for the rest of the kids. Then you can make schools better places to learn. But that costs money. So won’t happen. x

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      1. The prob with online things is if it is done at home. Not very parent can continue to work from home and for many it is falling heavily onto one parent who is also having to work from home. But academies like you are talking about, for young people with problems AND the kind of piffling bellend in charge, as well as the kind of fascist attitude to children needing some kind of support, would be a very good way forward for those who wanted to do it that way. One size does not fit all. What it means is that social inclusion is leaving many children struggling. But like you say…. it all comes down to money.

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      2. Thank you, my friend. Weather is dire, abso dire, but still having a good time, just chilling, nice meals with vino, vinyl records last night, prob some card games tonight. Been a busy week familywise. x

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      3. Abso… The sound is actually, for all it is tinnier, the best. And there is something quite calming about getting the turntable on, flicking the switches and watching the mechanics of that unfold as opposed to pressing some goddamn button.

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      4. Just go to the charity shops. The records we have are ones we bought yoinks back. Hell, I even have my mum and dad’s 78s. But I have seen plenty in the charity shops or online. i would NOT pay for new. They soon chip anyway and it is part of the charm.

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      5. I have a friend who sells classical records he finds in charity shops. He often takes a punt and buys a big batch and then just sells the ones he can make money on. I might ask him to put a bundle aside and I will give him a £10 for them. Instant collection.

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      6. the beauty is the sound. We usually pick a record out the pile turn about . I don’t think ti matters what is picked in some ways. It is a step back in time but a nice one.

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      7. Don’t spend the earth. I got ours in b and m’s and it is fine. Before that we had one from a shop here. A kind of retro vintagey one and it cost the earth and broke soon after.

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      8. OMG, that is so funny. See we always had a player. BUT for years it was as part of various Cd music systems and of course you got the boom boom with the speakers. Anyway, that retro player that I said cost the earth, well the MR bought it secretly, then he got worried re having forked out on it…plainly I am a dragon, fire breathing at that….
        so he hid it in the attic eaves for months. But this night, he said , ‘I have something to tell you.’ Smart beggar, given I thought it was going to be something far worse than I have this record player I bought in the eaves… You should check your attic first.

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  4. Hey, did you know that the X-files was filmed here? David Duchovny complained about the rain. Good thing they didn’t film in Yorkshire. He would have had rhubarb thrown at him. 😀

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  5. Same feeling here, schools will be opened come August 24 and they said there would be no face to face contact. I wonder how they would disseminate those lessons effectively. Not all students can afford online learning.

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  6. My son had to do an inspection of a school roof solar array. To get to the roof he had to go through the building. In setting up the appointment there was a lot of fuss made about anyone who needs to go into the school must wear a mask. He was not only fine with that but was glad to see they had a good policy. As he walked through the school he noticed that not one teacher was wearing a mask. Go figure. Insanity reigns.

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  7. Our PM think that school are some kind of magical safe space too. The whole reason we stopped students going to a building was because the virus was there. A couple of schools have already had to shut down, because…surprise…surprise…Virus.

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  8. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am nearly speechless, especially about the ‘gene pool’ thing. Not, mind you, that we have any intelligent, compassionate leaders here in the U.S. either, but still … I had thought you guys had better. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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