A hospital visit is now an even more unpleasant experience. Masks at all times except when you were in a separate room with no other people. One temperature check. All staff with masks and gloves on at all times. The place filled with clearly very panicky people keeping their distance. The children’s ward only allowing one parent in with a child.

But here’s a thought for you.

We faced far more detailed pandemic questioning from the Boiler Repair team (over 20 questions) than we did when we had to access two separate Hospitals and a Surgical Theatre (one question) ….. I guess that’s what happens when people are confused, scared and left without clear trustworthy guidance from the Government.

56 thoughts on “Questions

      1. It seems like you got overwhelmed/deflated. It’s a horrible feeling… esp when you’re surviving by thinking it’s not the worst you’ve faced.

        I’m fortunate that I only have cats… I can shutdown and they’ll take care of themselves. It so much more when you’ve got to care for another human.

        I’m psychically sending you whatever you need.

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  1. I was surprised to learn that UK doesn’t require masks. Here in my county, stores will NOT let you in without a mask, and if they see you inside with on improperly, they tell you off.

    My doctor’s office makes me fill out a form, then verbally answer the questions, then a temp check.

    In the procedure room the nurse and I are more relaxed but yeah… people are taking it seriously.

    Then there’s the Orange Idjit and BoJo the Clown…
    You guys go FULL OPEN Saturday, right? I am SO sorry! Stay safe, Gary! You and Son keep hiding out. You both are in my thoughts… 🎶Just call out my name…🎶💌💌

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    1. Yes, and I understand everyone who’s currently *even more* terrified of hospital visits than before- Having a baby these days, all alone there without a partner, must be a nightmare, too. 😱

      So… Therefore I understand YOU, Gary, and hope things will get better, soon- 😯


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  2. It’s the blind leading the blind in my experience working in it. It’s ok though because people could get into the pubs at 6am this morning. I believe today has become ‘Super Saturday’. Deep
    sigh 😔

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  3. When our chairs were delivered yesterday we had to place a card that had been sent to us on the floor indicating the room location and others where we needed the chairs. We were to keep out of the way. The men wore masks and gloves.

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      1. What good is a leader if he doesn’t lead? Our fool has been stirring up more trouble, ranting about the “extreme left” but everything he accused them of, he is guilty of and his minions can’t see it. Makes me crazy.

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