A beautiful rose is a timely reminder that its flaming summer. Strange that it’s so very grey, wet and the heating is on full blast. At least there is no need for the air conditioning in the car. My car AC is savage. It has basically two settings OFF and REFRIGERATION. However due to a electrical fault I cannot now switch it off. It’s a cold car. There is a downside to the refrigeration setting. When I took the facial temperature check I registered as a fault on the digital thermometer. Too Low. I had to quickly try to warm up to record a reading. Thinking about it maybe that’s a common problem in a Yorkshire. Can I find a way of turning up the heating any further.

59 thoughts on “Flaming summer

  1. “too low”… lol!!
    We’re moving into the time of year when my living room thermostat displays “OL”.. for overload.. room over 106°.
    Tonight has been hot & sticky. I can tolerate hot but not sticky!!

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  2. A guy that goes to my gym is an orthodontist. When they started seeing their patients again when we went to the yellow phase he said the temperature readings were silly for the same reasons. Kids coming in from standing in the sun were reading higher than they should and the kids coming in from the cool cars were reading lower than they should. They are going to have the same problem, I would think when school starts and they take temperatures at the front door!

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  3. Hi, hope your son is okay now, and recovering from the experience. I read what you wrote re lack of back up. I don’t like asking for help but my neighbours were very happy to feed the cats for me, as I was very happy to pick them stuff up during lockdown. One idea is to have a spare key hidden and a neighbour’s phone number just in case you ever need the dog letting out, dog and cats fed. And in an emergency people are usually very happy to help. Hope all is well now anyway. All the best.

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      1. I just thought…temperature dip here according to the wall thermostat and I have such bad Raynaud’s I don’t feel the cold till I turn blue. Si yeah. Dressing gown time. Ou est le summer?

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  4. My old Volkswagen had AC that could form ice on the inside of the screen if used enthusiastically. Since then I have had gentler aircon, but even so, I haven’t used it much this summer – I’d hate to have it stuck on minimum at the moment. Good luck with it!

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      1. Either someone is bee-ess-ing you, or your car was designed by a fool. I’m not a mechanic, but the only thing I know that an A/C is connected to is your gas mileage. The more you run your a/c the more gas you burn.

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  5. I’ll trade you! I’d much rather be cold than hot. It’s easier to warm up than cool down. We’ve got low 90s for a few days, then high 80s… it will stay that way probably until late September… with some 100s thrown in here or there just for fun.

    Of course, the weather has been so weird, it could snow next week for all I know🤷🏼‍♀️💌

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  6. That is an absolutely gorgeous rose! Yorkshire must be a lot like Newfoundland, though in recent years it has warmed up considerably in the summer – thanks to global warming, because it definitely was not like that when I was a child. We bough a new car a couple of years ago, only the second new car we’ve ever had! We drove a lot of old beaters over the years. One had the thermostat broken and we couldn’t get any heat out of it. We eventually had it fixed but omg it was horrible i as it was in winter that the darn thing went on the fritz.

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      1. Yes, I believe so. We grew up on the west coast of the island, which is known locally as the sunshine coast. But, I am biased, It was seldom that the weather got really warm and by supper time there was always a cool breeze off the bay so it never really got uncomfortably hot.

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  7. The rose is absolutely stunning! I do wish I could send you some of our heat. Even though Ohio is in the northern half of the country, it has been in the 90° range (32° – 37° Celsius) all week, and is predicted to be for the next 10 days at least. The air is barely breathable. If only there were a way to combine our to weathers and come up with a nice balance!

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  8. I read somewhere that Europe is expected to get record heat this month…110F (obviously an American report) but then UK no longer in Europe. Sorry it’s so miserable. I remember those summers when I was a kid. Have had problems with a/c that freezes as well. Hope you get sunshine soon.

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