It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly virtual visit to beautiful Switzerland.

This week let’s find the usual alpine landscapes mixed with a few animal ones as well. All from wonderful Switzerland.

As a toddler son loved animals. He still does… One day he would love to have a falconry or zoo. I so hope he does.

Every visit to Switzerland gave him an opportunity to get close to animals.

AND as we always arrived on a Saturday a trip to his favourite shop in the world on the Sunday. A shop in Interlaken with a huge range of Schleich toy animals.

He would get to buy 4 new ones. He was always careful to pick toys which he couldn’t get hold off in tour Yorkshire shops. Then the new members of the team would then get a 7 day guided tour of Switzerland.

A guided tour which would take in at least one zoo.

Happy days and definitely hungry work….

63 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Oh, thank goodness! I really needed Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night!!

    People setting of fireworks and the City’s show will start soon. I needed the peace and calm your pictures always give me! Thank you!

    I think you and Son are already working on that zoo😉 You’ve got a pretty good start anyway. I’ve got a bit of a zoo myself…and some pets too😉🤣🤣💌💌

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  2. What lovely traditions you had on your trips. I like the Schleich-shop-tradition with the tour around Switzerland for the new toys. So cute! Beautiful photos with gorgeous views, Gary.

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    1. It was always the same Sunday. We would catch the first boat from Speiz. Have peppermint tea and then an hour later get off at Interlaken. Go and get the Swiss calendars, look at the cuckoo clocks while son went through the animals. Have a look at the Chinese garden then go and sit outside a coffee house and have hot chocolate. x

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      1. I love such traditions. I am having my traditions too when arriving at SoCal. The same routine on the first day every time and already so looking forward to it. It is like: Now, I am here again!

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      2. I think it will take quite a while until this can be done again. But the good thing is that I enjoy my area a lot more… not a bad option… haha.

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