It’s another bleak old day. Definitely a two jumper day. July 4th was the day when many places like pubs reopened in the England. Well in some parts, rather briefly. A local attraction here opened at 10am and closed a couple of hours later due to the bad weather and high winds. Definitely a two jumper (sweater) day.

Definitely a day for no house work. Disney Plus movies, warm drinks and giving son the attention he needs.

This photograph reminded me of old times. Pre parenting days. When I went through tough periods. When I went through challenging times. Times when I seemed to stumble and constantly lose my way. I would need to reset my inner self. Take a breather. Back then I would book a climbing or walking trip. A weekend in the wilderness. The bleaker the better. That’s what I needed to do my personal reset. Yes I would be tired on my late Sunday drive back but normally I was in a much better mind set. Ready to rumble again.

Fast forward to 2020. Those climbing and walking trips are no more. Single parenting means no timeouts. No weekend long resets. Just keep going. Any internal resets have to be done on the hoof. So with some uplifting words from a friend swirling around my mind, I find myself outside. Sat on the garden fence with a hot drink. Taking a few minutes to breathe. Imagining walking through the bleak landscapes and starting a reset. Yes definitely time to go again.

46 thoughts on “Bleak

  1. Isn’t it amazing what just BEing in Nature can do? Breathe out all the stresses, breathe in calm, peace.
    Or scream, or cry… Nature has many moods and they’re all beautiful and relatable.🌈

    Disney plus is the way to go!! We’re still watching Hocus Pocus on repeat 🤷🏼‍♀️💌💌

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      1. Unfortunately it is where our presidential idiot just staged his last big show at Mt. Rushmore. I lived 150 miles east of there—no mountains, no presidents, just flat rolling prairie.

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  2. I wish and your son you could get over that fence in your back garden and walk from there. That would help reset. I think warm drinks, Disney and chocolate will do it though.

    It’s been crazy windy here in the Midlands. I know that means it’ll be tycoon weather for you up there. Keep warm x

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  3. Glad you took a few moments to breathe. Tough week for you. i know many are but last week was a gold medal winner in terms of the tough week. Here’s hoping the sun will shine this week. Hell that excuse for a summer weather would not help anyone’s mood. And maybe a bit of sun will help you breathe some more.

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  4. I hope those moments outside give you the chance to reset you need. Nature can be so rewarding that way. But it must be hard to not get the kind of reset you would like instead. I’m sorry. Thinking of you.

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  5. When I was raising my children there came a point when hubby had to leave for extended periods due to his job – truck driving. At any rate I remember how exhausting it was to never be able to get a break from parenting or a chance to “re-set” as you put it. There were days I thought I could not go on. Friends are so important. Support is essential, as is self-care. May soft breezes of peace touch your soul and revive you as you go about the very important work you do parenting your son. Sending positive energy and hugs to you.

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  6. It’s hard for me to imagine the stress of raising children, that is if you take it seriously and sadly, too few people do, or so it seems. I think I would have been neurotic as a mother because I would never have stopped worrying. I can’t tell you how much I admire you, Gary and people like yourself.

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  7. Hope the hot drink was tea. Yorkshire tea even. My daughter tells me it’s the best tea in the world and on her bucket list of teas to try. She’s a bit tea obsessed. Glad you got a few minutes for a reset.

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