This little thing lives in our roof. Currently he or she is unnamed….

I’ve had a few names over the years and not just the obvious one.

  • A really good friend labelled me Superdad,
  • Bagpuss – goalkeeping related,
  • TJHooker – golf related,
  • Goochie – bad early 20s moustache related,
  • Dr Banner – I had a habit of the red mist setting in when playing rugby and also when trying to unwrap one of those cd cellophane wrappings,
  • Harry Potters Dad – apparently I looked like him,
  • Veggie – diet related,
  • Hippy – diet related,
  • Gareth – no idea why,
  • Viking – I was the only Northerner in a cricket team based in the South of England,
  • Pidge – mum called everyone Pidge so she didn’t need to remember names,
  • Geordie – because of the so called football team I support,
  • Columbus – due to my appalling navigation skills when climbing,
  • And a few others which are unrepeatable……

And let’s not forget BereavedsingleDad. Here’s the funny thing about that one. It was a mistake. When I suddenly decided to set up a blog those three years back I hadn’t thought about silly details like a blog name. I filled out a box which I thought was for a user name – just something I used when logging in. It was the first thing that came into my mind when I was trying to think of something which didn’t include my real name. Rather taken by surprise when suddenly it was displayed as the blog name. Never got round to changing it. Maybe one day.

So I guess it’s time to name the bird. Now what shall it be….

62 thoughts on “Names

  1. No idea for bird names, I call them all “birdie”.
    My names have been “Lacker” (childhood names from older neighbor boys, never learned what I lacked), “Charlie” (jr high guy couldn’t remember my name and it stuck), Temptress (based on a hallmark greeting card, I used it for at least 15 years), Fred (easy for people to remember), Effini (a dirty comment I turned into a name), Leenda dela Luna (bar name that stuck), and recently “Bubbles” (I was going to perform burlesque as “Bubbles Bootay”, now it’s just an easy name to give/remember).

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  2. My “official” blog name is a stupid one as it’s just so confusing when setting up. The Autistic Zebra blog is like a sub-blog of that or something so sometimes I need to use the other name when logging in and I get so confused. So it’s not just you.

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  3. I was lost in that area too. I set the web address to “autism family power” and now I can’t change it. At least I don’t think I can. It seems way more techy than I am capable of.

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  4. I like naming creatures but find I have to give it time. My cats usually let me know what I should call them. I loved the name Luca and gave it to a little black cat but he pretty soon showed me that he was Panther and not because he was big and savage. I understand why you got called Gareth…I worked with a Julian once and always called him Jules….David to me would become Daveed. Hm. Not sure what this says about me…..

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  5. How about “Poopy McTweetster” 😂😂
    I had the same problem with my blog when I set it up, I just got lucky that King Ben’s Grandma works.
    I’ve had a ton of nicknames, and I’m a nicknamer… rarely does anyone get called by their given name. Superdad is a good one. It fits you!💌

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  6. I’m thinking Roberta for the bird … if it’s a female, that works, and if it’s a male, you can just drop the ‘a’ off the end! It’s a beautiful bird, but then I tend to think that all birds … all nature … is beautiful. As for your own nickname, I like SuperDad … it fits.

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  7. How about Blackbeard…the bird, not you.

    For a time, you were Ringmaster, what with Captain Chaos, kitties (when girl kitty was around), hamsters, dog toys, your son’s school issues, uncooperative appliances, clothing malfunctions…

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