It’s Sunday so it’s time for our weekly virtual trip to stunning Switzerland. Pure Alpine Heaven.

One morning on every trip, I would be let out early to go for a short European jog.

Not too far as breakfast would be soon calling.

Everyone of today’s photos was taken from the route of my run.

It took me just under 40 minutes to do the route. Adding a couple of photo stops.

So in just 40 minutes, all this beauty.

So much on the doorstep of the hotel. The amazing thing is that Switzerland has so many places like this.

You don’t need to be running here to literally have your breathe taken away.

I might enjoy running but I have to say there are better ways to exercise and take in the beauty of Lake Thun.

60 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Awesome! I totally forgot today was Saturday. A more perfect ending to my Freedom Anniversary I couldn’t ask for. It’s so refreshing just looking at the water. I image it would feel heavenly right now. It’s still 91F at 7:30 pm🥵
    Thank for for sharing your memories with us. I always love Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night!!💌💌

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  2. My summer vacation starts next Friday. Since we canceled our Corfu vacation, we are planning on touring a bit through Switzerland. Lake Thun is on my list, as is the Rhône Glacier, Ticino, and some places closer around here. Believe me, your Swiss Sundays have triggered that!

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  3. Every time I see your Swiss photos, I can really feel the cold and clean Swiss waters on my skin. I don’t quite get that with other photos, I don’t know why. Must be due to some secret power you possess to convey some special feature of Switzerland in a deeper, mystical way!

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