I was doing my normal early morning chore. Trying to find some socks for my workout. Notice the missing word. Matching. Just any two socks would be nice some mornings. Where do they all go…..

Anyway a couple of days ago, one particularly fruitless sock search resulted in a rather fetching blue ankle and black football sock combo. Enough is enough. So I went online for socks.

After a few minutes searching a bargain was found. 10 pairs of ankle sport socks for £7. A variety of colours including at least one black pair. Well they came today.

Dad what have you done….”

Yes one pair was indeed black. The other nine pairs – all bright pink. Another fetching look.

Well onced you’ve washed them, if it’s like my new blue shirt, then they won’t be pink for long….”

Ok yes I did manage to turn his bright new sky blue shirt a rather angry purple colour, after just one wash. So I wonder what colour socks I will have next week. That’s assuming I can find them.

59 thoughts on “Socks

  1. I had exactly the same problem this morning but different colours of my socks. Why not wash the pink together with the black ones. That could result in a most interesting pinkish grey colour.

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  2. I have a nephew who refuses to wear matching socks. Even before he was able to put on his own socks, he insisted that each sock be different. His mother tolerated the “oddity” thinking he would would quickly grow out of it or conform to peer pressure once he started school. But no. He’s just about to turn 8 and still insists on wearing odd socks. At least he never has the issue of trying to locate a matching pair.

    As for where socks go, this even has the experts puzzled:

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