Before you think it, this is not my lawn….

I was thinking how beautiful the farmers field was as it flowed like waves in the strong summer winds. An hour later the tractor arrived to cut it. Bit of a shame really but that’s the farm working cycle. But it will grow again.

Bit like life really. One moment your up and standing tall. Then suddenly your cut down to size. Having to dust yourself off and pull yourself up, yet again. But we do. Sometimes by ourselves. Sometimes with the help of those who care. And the cycle begins again. Hopefully each time we go through this we learn just a bit more about ourselves. Find out what and who are really important to us. And then start to stand tall again.

Now it’s time to cut my grass. I wonder if the farmer will lend me his tractor. Even better a few of his sheep.

62 thoughts on “Not my lawn

      1. I found it hysterical, but at over £1000 each time to replace the patio doors, he wasn’t laughing. Maybe it wasn’t covered by his house insurance as I know ‘pet’ damage isn’t usually.

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  1. Hello bereavedsingledad. The sheep are a good idea. There are business that rent goats to cities and towns to keep areas mowed, clean, and tidy. There is a great YouTube video of a herd that got out of where they should be and helped themselves to peoples flowers and bits of grass as they were rounded back up. I like the environmentally friendly way of getting the job done. Hugs

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  2. Someone cut my internal “lawn” and abandoned it.

    I would love to see a field of sheep… pics, please, if you ever get an opp! Out here, goats are used in some areas but nowhere near me.

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      1. 😀 I don’t have a house. I am a cave dweller. I live in a hobbit home… under hill. Better than being a troll under a bridge I suppose.

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      2. Cave Sheep…. Sheep Dwelling…… Shaun the Sheep lives here. One day you will find a place to breathe. If you were closer you would be so welcome sitting in our garden, in the rain, better bring an umbrella. 😁


  3. That’s a very good analogy to life and an encouraging as well. The circle life, actually.
    Over here when the farmers cut the grass with their big tractors you have a bunch of storks following them. It is a stunning view!

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  4. I was thinking of you guys when I was out on my nature walk/run this morning. They were also cutting the fields down and a large bird of prey was after something in the fields that were left. Redwing blackbirds were chasing the big bird away so I assume it was their nest. I thought it was something your son would enjoy seeing. All the birds and the super bird.

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      1. I am in fields like the ones you post. There are a lot of hills and it is SO HUMID. Not to be too gross, but I go there right after my gym workout and when I am done I just have this slick film on my arms and legs. It’s a killer. So, I don’t run the whole time. If the run fits the stretch of land I am on then I go for it. If not I walk. I don’t have any goals and all distance, whether walked or ran, counts at this point in my mileage. The fields are just so quiet and peaceful – with lots of wildlife!

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  5. The grass in my side yard looks like that. I wade through it every time I need to do laundry. The cats like to hide in the grass…pretend they are lions😉😂
    The sheep may bite or the tractor-man may cut, but we DO grow back, stronger!💌

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