Blue Sky. Well just a bit but it makes such a difference. It really does.

After weeks of not using the work’s computer system it’s such a shock when you have to finally turn it back on again. Not a clue what my username or password is. I picked something I would never forget which I have now forgotten….. In fact where is the laptop ON button. Trying to tell my fingers that it’s not a touch control screen, that’s the reason you get psychedelic colour patterns every time I press it. What’s a keyboard. Having somehow turned the computer on, it must be time for a hot drink. See back in the swing of work already. When I returned the computer had decided to upgrade itself and was stuck at 4%. So the computer was quickly back in the normal swing of things as well. So the hot drink was enjoyed outside. That blue does look good…

So I’m back inside and ready to rumble. Now the upgrade is at 2% completion. As a professional accountant I can just about work out that it’s just lost 2% of its upgrade thingy in the last 20 minutes. So it’s de-upgrading. I can’t work out if that means it will complete sometime in 2026 or maybe it would have been completed in 2014 in a time-warping kinda way. Randomly throwing pink socks at the screen I guess will not speed things up. I wonder if the laptop finds that really annoying. Strangely I find it very therapeutic. Just like lovely friends and blue skies.

38 thoughts on “Blue

  1. One of the things I like about working from home is when I shut down my laptop and the ‘Upgrade starting do not switch off’ screen appears.

    It doesn’t matter how long the upgrade decides to take, I still won’t miss my train 🙂

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      1. I’ve never had to wait that long. I would probably reach the point where I I would switch the thing off anyway and let the PC support folks deal with the resulting mess

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  2. I always have that problem with passwords too. 😆 If I were a laptop I would find being harassed by pink socks annoying. I wonder if you can juggle pink socks.

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  3. I think it might like the pink socks, but would never admit it. “I see skies of blue and clouds of white, the bright blessed days, the dark sacred nights…” Best wishes, MW

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  4. Lol have to love technology – especially ones for work 🤨😄 I feel your pain!!

    I just went through the whole iPhone transfer crap which annoyed me lol

    And then at work.. because I deal with sensitive private information… it makes me change my password every 90 days 🤨 talk about forgetting!! I even write it down … and around the time I start to always remember – it makes me change again!!!! Omg

    Does it not realize who I am?? Lol ✌️

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