It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly virtual trip to Alpine Heaven. Stunning Switzerland.

Switzerland is a place we visited many times as a family. Not been there since 2015 but it’s still a special place for me and Hawklad. This Sunday we are going to revisit one of our finest memories. The trip to the Gonnergrat.

The Gonnergrat is a rocky ridge that stands at 3135m (10285ft). At the top the you find a gothic looking hotel, a beautiful chapel, restaurants and two astronomical observatories.

The train trip from Zermat to the top is truly epic. Its Europe’s highest open air railway. It’s a nice feeling to know that the electricity it takes to climb the mountain is generated by the trains breaking system on the way down.

The summit has a stunning alpine panorama but the jewel is being so close to one of the worlds most iconic mountains, The Matterhorn.

The Gonnergrat overlooks two glaciers. The glacier system is the second largest in The Alps.

It’s just the most glorious place. It has the most amazing atmosphere, the air is staggeringly fresh. It’s as if you are almost able to touch heaven.

In places the Gonnergrat has an out of world look which contrasts with the stunning alpine valleys below.

So I give you the Gonnergrat. A truly epic place. A place which is currently our highest ever location. It is 41 times higher than the hill we live on. That fact is very important to Hawklad. He likes that fact very much.

55 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. It’s 23.75 times higher than where I live and is 1.78 times higher than the mountains we used to camp in. That’s pretty high up there.

    I do SO look forward to Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night!! All your pictures are so beautiful. I bet the stars at night are incredible! Thank you!💌💌

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  2. Gorgeous photos! I know Switzerland relatively well from various holidays, business travel and living just over the border in Germany but the area that’s closest to your heart is not an area I know particularly well.

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  3. We thought of taking the Glacier Express from Chur to Zermatt (and stay there overnight). but we changed our plans. We will go to Jungfraujoch tomorrow taking the “Rätische Bahn” for a scenic ride. It is almost the same altitude (something between 3400 and 3500 m). But Zermatt is still on my list. Believe it or not, I have never seen the Matterhorn in reality.

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    1. That is a fabulous route. The views are stunning. Due to bad weather didn’t really get to see the Matterhorn until my third trip to Zermat. Just fleeting glimpses. When it reveals itself, it just takes the breath away. Your going to have the most wonderful time.

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      1. That is what I am really excited to see one day. The stunning view towards the Matterhorn. I am sure it will be like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.

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      2. Never seen the Grand Canyon. But it is one of those views that stay with you. The Gonnergrat from Zermat is a great viewpoint. The stop before that (I think) is Riffelsee Lake, that’s the no 1 view. The Matterhorn reflection beautifully captured in a little lake.

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      3. I know what you mean. That must be that famous view where so many pictures of the Matterhorn (reflected in a lake) are taken. Thanks a lot for the additional information. I will put that definitely on my list. Depending on the weather we may do it in the coming two weeks 😊

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      1. It may rain buckets the whole time but that’s okay. I will forgive it. besides used to that there, it raining from the second you pull up at the Clachaig, to the second you head home again.

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  4. Your photos are always beautiful of Switzerland 🇨🇭

    I wouldn’t otherwise see.

    The only time I experience the Matterhorn is at Disney and even that right now is not happening ✌️

    Beautiful photos and you speak with such zest with it! I can only imagine in person. Must be mind blowing


  5. Oh how breathtakingly beautiful!!! I have been fascinated with the Matterhorn since I first read about it as a small child some 60+ years ago. These pictures make me feel at peace … a contrast from the world I live in. And you definitely fulfilled your promise of snow this Sunday!!! Sorry I’m late to the party … exhaustion overtook me before I got here last night. Thank you for this beautiful respite, my friend.


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