So much beauty from a 10p seed packet. I hear you cry, MR CHEAP. Or is it Mr Teacher.

So the 7 week summer school holidays have started. Hawklad is happy. So that completes something like 18 weeks of school’s version of homeschooling. It was an unexpected and very much unplanned journey. So what have been the key take away points.

  • Not having to iron school shirts and trousers is just the BEST.
  • Getting up in the morning seems to much less stressful when your mind isn’t focused on not missing the school bus.
  • School does like to use a lot of paper even with an online system.
  • Sending out emails telling pupils about an exciting careers video isn’t really going to work. Might as well email about a new knitting pattern.
  • Progress can be made with dyslexia.
  • Home PE lessons are nothing more than an excuse to embarrass and injure parents.
  • Drama is a drama.
  • Homeschooling definitely has the potential to isolate parents and kids.
  • Dad learning German at the same time as a Hawklad is doing school French is not a great idea.
  • Pets don’t help with school work.
  • Pets do help with creating a mess which adds to the chaotic homeschooling feel.
  • Going to sound old now….. In my day I would rush to finish schoolwork to start playing football, now an early finish creates more time for Minecraft and Crossy Road.
  • Kids grow a lot in 18 weeks.
  • Don’t buy new school uniform the week before schools closedown for a pandemic.
  • Homeschooling increases the consumption of biscuits.
  • In 18 weeks some subject teachers have failed to provide any feedback at all. That doesn’t help.
  • Pencils can be used for many things other than ‘pencilling’.
  • Investing in the protective cover has been a wise move. School iPads get dropped and dropped and dropped….
  • Chemistry has changed since I was at school….
  • Homeschooling in pyjamas is kinda cool.
  • The words ‘Dad’ and ‘I’m struggling with algebra‘ bring on parenting panic attacks.
  • I was rubbish at biology as a kid and I’m rubbish at biology as an adult.
  • Home Economics has a thing about puff pastry. 18 weeks of cooking with just puff pastry. Hawklad is not that keen on the stuff.
  • In 18 weeks we had only one email from the teacher who is supposed to be looking after the kids with additional educational needs. That was 15 weeks ago. Has the school stopped monitoring in this area. If so should they not inform the parent.
  • iPads only crash when a homework deadline is looming.
  • Homeschooling spreads out and seems to fill the house with papers, books and pens.
  • How can a calculator go missing so many times in such a small house.
  • History come to life if it involved trips to local historical sites.
  • What do you do with all the paperwork generated over the 18 weeks. Is it needed next year. No idea…..
  • Where did those 18 weeks go.

So that’s 18 weeks of school at home. So what comes next. Return to school or homeschooling. We shall see….

52 thoughts on “Schools Out Still

  1. I feel your pain. Although I confess am not homeschooling, I loved this blog. Humanity – this stuff is no joke, but it sounds like you are managing with grace and what’s left of your dignity in tact😁 on the bright side look at all those newly acquired skills!!!!

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  2. The re-opening of schools here has created awful trauma for teachers who have guidelines with all manner of expensive requirements and leadership that offers no help, just threats to withhold funding if they do not open. Local leadership in conflict with the federal gov. It is beyond shameful. We have become a third world joke. 😦 Can I come home? or maybe that’s not a good idea either?

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  3. Sounds like you’ve done more schooling than they’ve done in ‘key workers’ school (which was overtly just childcare really)!

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  4. Kids grow a lot in 18 weeks. So true from a teacher perspective. The good teachers I know missed seeing that in their students in person. So many teachers I know were so sad about this. Great post. Funny but true.

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  5. Mine grew a lot too. I think it is because of all the sleep their bodies got instead of being forced awake in the dark to chase down a bus. I kept all the papers too – who knows what we may need to see again next school year!

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      1. My “fav” computer crash ever was back in the days of DOS. Just as I finished a huge, extremely urgent, paper for the company president, my computer crashed with the message “Z drive cannot be found”. We only knew about A, B, and C drives back then. I called the IT Tech crying. It took some work but he recovered not only my computer but also most of the file. Even though I now understand how I could have a Z drive back then, I’ve never figured out what caused the crash.

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  6. I’m hoping the idjits that caused our numbers to spike out of control will wake up and wake their friends up and people will take this seriously.
    I’m hoping that Ben’s school will be able to re-open on a part time basis as was planned before the idjits. He needs his school for more than education. His Speech, his OT, his social skills… Ben’s school isn’t a regular mainstream school. If it was, I’d be looking at other options too.

    Has Hawklad stated any preference? I don’t know how he would manage going to school until he can manage trips beyond the gate. Your schools in UK are as busted as many here in US. DeVos is a horrible Education Secretary!

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  7. We might be going all homeschool, but they are calling it “distance learning” 🤨 lol

    I will know more tmrw 😳

    I don’t mind either way. It’s kinda better for me actually.

    They supposably have it set up better now, as opposed to what was when this went down… when it first went down they had no idea what to do … so we shall see ✌️


  8. Ugh… I’m returning to homeschooling and trying to teach using distance (distant) learning in a few weeks. Your list is all too familiar! 💕

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  9. Now Gary, thank you for agreeing to take part in our survey. And before we start, we may record your responses for training and given us a good laugh purposes.
    So thinking about your homeschooling experience, what root vegetable comes to mind?
    If you consider the whole period of home schooling, what shape best describes it : nb, the most common response is a polyangular fuckup.
    Turning to the school and using the Bristol Stool scale ( what kind of crap best describes their performance?
    Thank you for taking your time. As a thank you we will send you a copy of Competence a new novel from Boris J.


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