Three hours sleep in two days. All of that came the night before. Surely I should be more tired. Yes a little sleepy. Bags under my eyes – that could be Soya poisoning. Much yawning but still functioning. One of those long nights. Watched happy videos to bring smiles. But eventually the iPad ran out of juice and had to be pipped some of that electricity to bring it back to life. If only we had that option.

Can’t face watching night time TV. Please no QVC or car makeovers. Sleep refusing to come so then it was reading time. A book about a failed climbing expedition. Not happy reading. Loss of precious life, loss of fingers and toes. Was that final reckless push for the top really worth it. Only those climbers will know. My view of success in the mountains was always a little different. Success was seen as returning to camp in one piece with new experiences banked – the summit was just a bonus.

The read and the slow passing night did nothing for my spirit. The clock hands refusing to push forward quick enough. The hours dragging. Mood slowly sinking as fast as my chances of getting any sleep. That feeling of being alone. The iPad still drinking in electricity so no happy videos to lift me up.

Finally the dawn breaks and I’m out in the cool, damp morning air. Probably pushed myself too hard on the exercise. My body didn’t need that but for some reason my mind decided that was what was needed.

Now the day is here. Staggeringly I am not feeling tired. The iPad is back in business again. Quick video, look at some photos. Then a hot drink sat watching the moody Yorkshire skies. My mood lifted. Hawklad will soon be up. Not feeling alone. Almost time to rumble. The day beckons.

Let’s hope it’s not Groundhog Night.

56 thoughts on “Groundhog Night

  1. I spent too many nights unable to fall asleep or stay asleep. It was always better when the light comes and the critters wake up. My sleep still isn’t great, even with prescription sleep medication. But I get by… or randomly doze off😴😴

    I hope you get some good sleep soon! 💌

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  2. I hate that feeling. I don’t usually opt for tv because reading and movies require too much attention.

    I hope you retain reasonable energy throughout the day and manage to sleep well tonight!

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  3. I followed a recommendation about weighted blankets….everyone is different, of course, but I do like it. All I can say is that it sort of feels good…comforting….and some say it helps you sleep….I can’t say for sure yet, but maybe….I have had long bouts of insomnia so can sympathize! Feel better XX

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  4. In those days when I raised my sons alone in Brazil, I felt most alone at nights when I went to bed. The activities and distractions of the workday were over, leaving me alone with my own inadequacies as a single parent. These are not normal times and you already have a heavy daytime schedule. Find a technique for getting to sleep that works for you. Here are some tips from the Sleep Foundation at It’s an American organization. You could no doubt find one in Britain.

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  5. One suggestion for you, but it takes a few days study, and you gotta learn quick. When you do wake up in the morning, especially after a decent sleep, instantly notice how your body is arranged. This is your most comfortable sleep position. Then, at night, especially a sleepless night, arrange your body as close to that position as you can manage. DON’T TOSS AND TURN. Concentrate on maintaining that position. It shouldn’t take long to fall into a meditative-like state, and from there sleep can come quite quickly.
    Since I started using this method I have restless nights maybe once or twice a year now.

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