Patience is needed

Warning … this post is kind of not ended…..

Will not harvest these until October. Try them now and they are the perfect definition of the phrase ‘beyond sour’. Wait till October and they become just ‘sour’. Sour is as good as this tree gets. It’s still a blessing, just a blessing that makes your eyes water…..

If only you could reattach them when the Yorkshire winds knock them off. It’s a hard life being an old Apple Tree on an exposed hill top. Even in summer, it gets a right buffeting.

I remember when we first moved here and thinking how rickety that old tree looked. What would last longer, the tree or the very old wooden conservatory. Well the tree outlived the wooden structure easily. What I didn’t visualise was how much of the cycle of life that tree would see. So much life and death. Hope then devastation and then a restart.

I was trying to think of a better word than restart. Reboot? Rebirth? Renewal? Reset? Even Resilience. Maybe Growth works. Starting again. That’s another one to ponder.

I guess the best option is something to do with the cycle of life. Constantly making our way around that big rollercoaster. Bit like the old Apple tree. Each year gets a buffeting but still produces apples.

It’s so odd, I was going to talk about some stuff but suddenly the words have failed me. I can visualise them just can’t get them into sentences. Maybe it’s lack of sleep, a few tears this morning, worries about Hawklad, maybe it’s frustrations. I’ve noticed that the last few days I have absolutely hammered myself in exercise training. Over trained. Maybe I’m just dealing with stuff. I will stop waffling on. Let’s see if those particular words flow on another day.

Take care and be safe.

63 thoughts on “Sour

  1. Be kind to your body Superdad. You don’t have to be Superman. Lack of sleep will definitely cause a lack of words and tears. I understand your worries about Hawklad. He will be okay. You will be okay too. I won’t hear of anything less. You have my prayers and sometimes I shed those tears too. God will listen and He will answer and help. I believe it…

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  2. I’ve never been fond of green apples due to their tartness. They’re great for pies, because they’re so firm, but I still go with sweet varieties.

    My grapefruit tree now fruits twice a year. Surely a global warming thing. That also means it’s living 2yrs for every 1 calendar year. I’m enjoying while I can. The pandemic caused people to pick it bare for the first time in the 18yrs I’ve lived here.

    Is the apple tree on your property?

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      1. It’s at least 40yrs old. Some adults have said the remember picking fruit on their way to the elementary school across the street.

        I hate how the city trimmed it (several years ago)… the fruit is now too high for easy access.

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      2. I was disappointed with our education system the day a couple young teens thought it was growing potatoes!!

        I’m trying to grow a dwarf kumquat tree in the side yard. It’s not staying dwarf and hasn’t produced any blossoms/fruit since I bought it, about 3 yrs ago. #frustrating

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      3. Was yielding 500-1000 large grapefruit twice a year. Now maybe 150 and smaller. I think it has a dangerous citrus bug but I’ve notified the city & the state and no one seems to care. It may be old age.

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  3. Regeneration? Sleep… that ever elusive balm of healing. We’ll keep getting what we can until we can get some more. Feelings don’t always have words, they don’t always need words.
    Big Hugs!! 🤗🥰 You and that old apple tree will do just fine.💌💌

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  4. Exercise is very good. That is good for you!!

    I get overwhelmed myself sometimes. It’s ok. Let it happen, no rule against it.

    You have a lot on your plate – who can think straight currently anyway?? … obviously no one in the world! ✌️😘

    Don’t worry. It will be ok. You are ok so far… pretty strong if you ask me.

    Resilient … just like that apple 🍏 tree. Which I bet would make an incredible apple pie ❤️

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      1. I know. But that is difficult right now. Black dog is pretty well tied to a lot of people’s wrists right now. If you see this though then it is a wee step and it is just trying to find ways to manage it.

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  5. I’ve been struggling to write anything decent lately. And also to come up with a word akin to “reboot” etc to describe what I need. It’s definitely a cycle.
    The great thing about sour apples is you can sweeten them by cooking into an apple crumble! Our own apples are quite sweet and juicy but also lost loads this years to the winds.

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  6. Exercise is good but it is possible to overdo and then it’s a punishment which you don’t need or deserve. Times are tough…it’s OK sometimes to have a “dip”. No one can be strong all the time. Hugs to you both.XX

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  7. Gary, there is so much wisdom is this, not surprising, considering it’s come from you. Life is a lot like your old apple tree what with the constant buffeting and storms galore. What matters is if our roots are strong enough to take the constant ramming. I believe yours are. Hang in there my friend. Sending hugs and positive energy from the frozen north (not so frozen these days, thankfully). And just an aside, sour apples make the best apple pies, if you add lots of sugar….

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  8. Oh no! A few tears? Make sure you take care of yourself. You are doing a great job of things and this is a challenging time of the year for you. Give yourself a break. That’s what you’d say to someone else in your position. You are a great dad, a lovely friend and an awesome person. X

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