Well that was the heatwave then. Early morning haze cleared and blue skies appeared. Yes it was hot but very windy. Apparent we got to 30C (86F). Could get use to this. Winds are so much nicer when it’s dry and hot weather. Not so much fun when they are wizzing up your inside trouser legs carrying freezing cold rain. But today it was so nice that we actually managed to eat outside.

Dad we must do this again. Maybe next year

I suspect he’s seen the forecast then. Eating outside was fun but it did require many pit stops for Hawklad to go inside and wash himself. Those pesky flies.

Just a few hours later the clouds rolled in. We kept the wind but the heat quickly went away.

And this is Yorkshire, 6 hours into the heatwave and this is the scene. Cool, windy and very wet. What was the point of watering the plants….

Does it class as a heatwave when it only lasts a few hours. So it’s 7pm, it’s summer and we have the house lights on. Captain Chaos is refusing to venture out. For once he is a sensible chap. The not sensible one is me. I’m due to be exercising outside in 12 hours. Lovely.

****12 hours came and yes it was still like this. I was cold and wet. But I’m told there is nothing like exercising outside. REALLY……

47 thoughts on “Blink and it’s gone

  1. Here where I live it is reaching the 100°s, which is a frightening thought, trust me. Luckily, I heard the virus subsides in extremely warm weather, so we’re on the right track. Until we speak again.

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  2. I have been hoping for rain. We just have heat, heat, heat. But I can see if you had nothing but cold and rain, you would want a break from that as well. That stinks about the workout outside with the weather like that. I hope you find a solution and get something pleasing in!

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  3. You know when it’s a heatwave or enjoyable sunny day during summer – every fecker in a five mile radius gets out the lawnmower, strimmers, motorbikes and makes as much noise as possible ensuring it’s all crammed into that one day.

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  4. I’d send you my weather if I could. It’s 33C here today, and that’s cooler than yesterday.
    With winter coming on, you might need to drag out those blue pants, get some 80s music going and come up with your own Jazzercise routine. 😉💃🏼😆💌💌

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  5. There’s another one coming next weekend (in London, at least): 30+ degrees from Thursday to Saturday, and 29 degrees (which is the same as 30+, in my opinion) on Sunday. 🥵


  6. Again, love those photos… even the miserable ones. That’s where my friend lives. He gets a little damp… a little wind blown. Maybe too wind blown… Maybe too damp. Maybe I will come up with some way of ending this comment well. I’m thinking, but I’m still sleepy. That’s not helping. Yorkshire! 😃

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