It’s the 1st August and it’s Yorkshire Day. Yes we have one….

So put on a pot of Yorkshire Tea, enjoy some Yorkshire Puddings and try to do a Yorkshire accent. So many to choose from.

  • New Doctor Who
  • Michael Palin
  • Judy Dench
  • Wallace (Wallace and Gromit)
  • Shouting like Brian Blessed
  • Boromir (Lord of the Rings)
  • Jean-Luc Picard or Professor X
  • Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear)

Once you’ve picked your accent then it’s time to summon up your inner Yorkshire. If you do any of these things then you clearly have some White Rose DNA flowing through your body.

  • Have an urge for a roast dinner on a Sunday,
  • Moan about it being too hot and too sunny,
  • Have a sudden urge to wear a flat cap or knotted handkerchief to protect you from that pesky sun,
  • The shorts or bikinis come out while many animals are still hibernating for winter,
  • Hate spending money,
  • Can fully understand people talking in shows like All Creatures Great and Small, Last of the Summer Wine, Emmerdale and Brideshead Revisited,
  • Think the words ‘chuffed’ and ‘Aye’ work on so many levels,
  • Bargain hunting becomes an obsession,
  • Prefer white to red roses,
  • Found yourself watching cricket,
  • You have an opinion which clearly has to be communicated to anyone within 2 miles,
  • Call lunch – Dinner and call Dinner – Tea,
  • See Rhubarb as an art form,
  • Find yourself singing to Def Lepard, Whitesnake, Free, Joe Cocker, The Hunan League, Robert Palmer, The Beautiful South, Pulp, Arctic Monkeys and Ed Sheeran,
  • Can speak for hours without pronouncing the letter T,
  • Think Ferrets are best kept in your trouser pockets,
  • Look at the Olympic table and then try to work out how high up your local place would be if it suddenly declared independence – at one stage Yorkshire was 8th in the medal table,
  • Believe that chip butties are a balanced, nutritional dish that meet all your health needs.

So if you tick any of these boxes then I wish you a Happy Yorkshire Day.

76 thoughts on “Yorkshire Day

  1. Oh dear… I may have a bit of Yorkshire in me. Should I celebrate? Should I deny it?
    Ah… I’ll declare in solemn honesty that I do not now, nor have I ever liked rhubarb. That’ll get me thrown out and disowned😉😂😂💌

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    1. But, KBG, (My that sounds like Cabbage. May I call you Cabbage?), you have to set your priorites. It does not matter that you like rhubarb or not, what matters is that Gary finally spelled it the OED way. It’s all most ODD!

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      1. Or maybe a post hunt, or a comment hunt? Normally I don’t like hunters or fishermen, they needlessly kill their fellow living beings. But hunting for lost items, I think I can get behind that.


  2. I’m Boromir… complaining about the heat! 111F here today, complete with bright sunshine…and a thunder storm! Will “cool down” to 104F tomorrow! Gotta love Tucson… or move! 😀 😀


      1. I think the pressure is still there for most governments. Especially the question, where is the money to fix this going to come from? One would really think they would put their money in a more opportunity to create a ONE WORLD SOCIETY, but we are squandering that oppotunity in the name of God, country, and money. We cannot overcome ourselves or our greed or our petty religions. The three worst inventions of humanity: God, Gold, and Government. This may be our last real chance to save our world, but still we bicker and fight. I’m tempted to say, God Help Us, but one cannot get blood out of a stone.
        My apologies to your theist readers and writers, but someday we have to face the truth, we are only as strong as our weakest link, the Great USofA. The kowtowing has to stop!

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      2. Typical. If they promise one thing, expect the other. One thing you can be sure of: No matter how good or bad the economy is, politicians are always going to give themselves a raise, even if all other civil sevants are being forced to accept rollbacks. No way will a politician work for free.

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  3. Now I am not from Yorkshire, but I was brought up by both parents, that lunch was Dinner and Dinner – Tea.
    But when I lived on my own, I started saying lunch and dinner. So added confusion to mum, as well as her not like hearing it that way.
    Only time I find saying lunch and dinner, is when trying to explain why I have my dinner at lunch, and sandwiches at dinner. Which is so I am kept full as possible through my shift at work, with work when I normally have dinner and having sandwiches, or bowl of cornflakes, when I get home.
    That’s when dinner and tea option of saying, sounds so much better.

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  4. Oh my goodness. I dunno re it being Yorkshire Day but it’s been have fun with Virgin media after they knock out your PC internet day today so SO glad all is now good. AND I did not miss your post. I mind once being in York when it was Yorkshire Day and the best bit was some old ultra posh dearie going round the streets a bit like a childcatcher in Chitty beckoning everyone to just step right up and follow her ..yes come along, to the Minster to release a balloon. (Not sure that balloon hadn’t already been released and wasn’t walking the streets but hey>) Onywye we went to The Yorskshire Terrier instead. It is very important to see the Bars of York after all.


  5. I foresee a bit of fun for me today, having all conversations without pronouncing the letter T. I’m going to drive the family crazy! Until they join in with me and we are having fun. 🙂

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  6. My husband’s a Yorkshireman. I can relate to so many of these things. He actually proposed to me while watching cricket! We’ve been married for 44 years so there must be something going for it! Loved this post. Happy Yorkshire Day to you and Hawklad

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  7. It’s so long since I had a good Yorkshire Pud. But I am vegetarian now, so I’m not sure I could technically ask for one. Isn’t it baked in a pan with drippings from the roast? T’was one of my fav things.

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  8. White roses mean purity and innocence – can also mean new beginning and everlasting love

    Red roses mean romance and love… can also mean humility and unconscious beauty

    I like the classic red roses best… purple roses would be my second runner up lol

    Purple roses represent enchantment and everlasting love.

    (No I didn’t not make any of that up lol)

    Happy Yorkshire day to you guys and also Switzerland day lol – hope you had a good day with those!

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  9. Thanks for the laughs. I must have a little bit of Yorkshire in there. I do like roast dinners. I also prefer white roses. I just realized the other day that I have a photo of a white rose on my laptop’s startup screen. I have had it there for years and years.

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